Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for September 2023
Marketing Politics Weekly - Monday, Sept. 25, 2023
Anti-Vax, Hate And Rock & Roll: Why SPIN's Guccione Comes To Their Defense
Bloomberg Says He Will Leave Media Empire To His Foundation
Uber Supports Ukraine And Its Drivers In New Campaign
Facial-Recognition Company Clearview Settles Privacy Class-Action
Feds May Reclassify Cannabis, Easing Restrictions On Sales
Rumble, Volokh Conspiracy Urge Court To Uphold Block On NY Hate Speech Law
Murdoch Hits The Road: What's Gone - What Remains? Turn The Wheel
The Intercept Sees Precipitous Drop In Visits From Its Facebook Page
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023
A Tale Of Two Presidential Merch Campaigns
Stagwell To Help Commercialize RealClearPolitics During '24 Election Cycle
What Happens In Vegas Could Crowd You Out
Watchdog Ranks Adland's Work For Fossil-Fuel Industry, WPP Tops The 'F-List'
Havas Wins Shell Media Account Amid Protests Against Agencies Promoting Fossil Fuels
Republican FTC Nominees Say Congress Should Lead On Privacy
Ohio AG Supports Curbs On Biden Admin's Communications With Social Platforms
In A Blow To Big Tech, Many Americans Think Regulation Is A Good Idea
'The New Republic' To Fight Censorship With Banned Book Tour
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2023
The White Glove Treatment
Google Fights Antitrust Charges,Tells Judge Search Dominance Due To Quality
Google To Mandate AI Disclosures On Political Ads
Senate Urged To Scrap Online Safety Bill
FTC Urges Judge To Reject X Corp.'s Bid To End Privacy Settlement
X Corp Sues To Block California Content-Moderation Law
Ad Industry Presses To Derail California Data Broker Bill
Don't Delete The Data Needed By Millions Of Californians
Senate Confirms Gomez To FCC, Paves Way For Net Neutrality
Appeals Court Bans Biden Administration From 'Coercing' Social Platforms
The MacArthur Foundation Announces Half-Billion Dollar Fund For Local Newsrooms
Judge Sides With Meta In Battle Over Holocaust Film Ads
Welcome To The New Normalized: Brian Wieser Updates His U.S. Ad Model
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2023
The Anti-Anti-Defamation League
Meta Rejects Bid By Canada To 'Clarify' Online News Act
Meta Backs Away From Facebook News In Europe
Few People Get Political Content From News Sites, Study Finds
Welcome To The New Normalized: Brian Wieser Updates His U.S. Ad Model
Ad Industry Presses To Derail California Data Broker Bill
Arkansas Can't Enforce Law Restricting Teens' Social Media
Publishing, Journalism Orgs Release 'Global Principles' For AI
Norwegian Court Upholds Order Requiring Meta To Obtain Consent For Behavioral Targeting