mCommerce Daily Editions for January 2013
mCommerce Daily - Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013
Edo's Mobile Pay-Per-Performance Marketplace Captures Local Ad Dollars
Consumer Confidence in Mobile Commerce at All-Time High
Study: Shoppers Ready To Bail In Five Minutes Or Less
Priceline Study Finds High Numer of Last-Minute Mobile Bookings
One-Click Mobile Payments Expands to Users in 11 Countries
Google Seen Ahead in Mobile Wallet War
73% of UK Businesses Optimized for Mobile Commerce
mCommerce Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013
NFC Forum Aids Retail Industry
Mobile Commerce to Retailers: Threat vs. Opportunity
Taking Mobile On The Road
Latinos Smartphone-Natives with High Expectations
Retailer Apps May Be Winning The Showrooming War
MMA Creating Mobile Coupon Ad Standard
Foursquare Adds New App for Businesses to Manage Customer Deals
Mobile Commerce Site Performance Ranking Up at J.C. Penney
mCommerce Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013
Mobile Apps Offer Restaurants, Food Brands Marketing Opportunity
Book It: Open Table To Acquire Foodspotting
Apple Releases iOS 6.1: 'Siri, Get Me Tickets for Les Mis'
Person-to-Person Selling App Launches for Free Mobile Marketplace
Mobile Wallet Report Leaders: LevelUp, Starbucks, MasterCard
Starbucks to Increase Mobile Commerce Services
'Mobile Traveler' Spells 'Real-Time Marketing Possibility'
Tablets Evolving Into Our 'Transaction Screen'
mCommerce Daily - Monday, Jan. 28, 2013
The Global Phenomenon of Mobile Commerce
Retailers Take the Lead in Shopping Apps
Dial M for Mobile Shopping
Russian Railway Intros App for e-Tickets, Click-to-Call
France mCommerce Grows 150% in a Year
Mobile Commerce Opens Doors for Australian Retailers
mCommerce Daily - Friday, Jan. 25, 2013
Targeting the Mobile Shopper: What's Creepy, Part 2?
Technology Lets Retailers Tap Into Shopper Behavior Via Wi-Fi
Retailers' Mobile Coupons: 9% Have Program Working Well, 26% Need Work
Self-Service iPad App Lets Bars Set Up Mobile Payments
Swedish Retailer Moves to Mobile Checkout
COO of Mobile Payments Startup Square Stepping Down
mCommerce Daily - Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013
One Device, So Many Ways to Pay
Mobile on To-Do List for Online Retailers
Retailers' Spending on Mobile to Reach $55 Billion
Online Purchase Charges Going to Wireless Bill
Scratch-off Mobile Tickets While Waiting in Line
Retailer Increases Sales with Mobile POS App
mCommerce Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013
Targeting the Mobile Shopper: What's Creepy?
Tablets Top Smartphones for Retailer
Mobile Ticket Sales Remain at 5-10% of Overall Sales
T-Mobile Promises to Make NFC a Reality This Year
The Many Details of Creating Mobile Payments at Square
London Buses, Trains Moving to Contactless Payments, U.S Transit Following
Retailer Arms Employees with iPod Touch Devices to Help Shoppers
Corporate Alignment With Mobile Customers
mCommerce Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013
Sellers Reaching Directly to Mobile Shoppers
Mobile Shoppers to Increase Spending by $13+ Billion
In-Store Mobile Payments on the Rise
NFC Moves Beyond Mobile Payments
23% of Mobile Users Desire Increase in Use of Mobile Payments
Mobile Commerce in UK: Shopping & Showrooming
mCommerce Daily - Monday, Jan. 21, 2013
The Hidden Influence of mCommerce
8 of 10 Digital Shoppers to Be Mobile Shoppers
Brands, Retailers Pleased With Passbook
mCommerce Volume at eBay to Reach $20 Billion
Shopkick Claims A Profit
Visa Approves BlackBerry for Mobile Payments
HotelTonight Hits 4 Million Downloads, Expands in Europe
Mobile Payments Deal to Give Telefonica Direct-To-Bill Platform
Proving Hyperlocal Targeting Can Hype Sales