Monday, September 22, 2003
  • Agency Chiefs Nip Media Billings Plan In Bud

    An effort that would have created an objective, third party system for compiling and disseminating credible agency billings data has been squashed by the ... Read the whole story


    I have a very simple approach to the weather. Years of experience have taught me that summer tends to be warm and winter cold, ... Read the whole story

  • FHM Strokes Schick in Latest Ad/Content Fusion

    In yet another example of the lengths to which mainstream brands are going to distinguish new products - and the extent to which media ... Read the whole story

  • Radio Turns The Corner, Ad Pacings Presage Healthy '04

    After an on-again, off-again recovery in 2003 marked by a few bad months and advertisers' reluctance to commit well ahead of time, the radio ... Read the whole story

  • Ad Industry Leaders Explore New Economic Models, Methods of Compensation

    The best and the brightest of Madison Avenue's advertising and media minds convened Thursday morning in New York to explore critical impediments to the ... Read the whole story