Friday, May 20, 2005
  • Ads Improve Wal-Mart's Rep, Reveal Synergistic Effect With PR

    At a time when Madison Avenue is striving to understand the relationship between advertising and the rest of the communications mix, the public relations ... Read the whole story

  • Buyers: UPN 'Rocks,' Fox Laughs, All Nets In Best Position In Years

    As the latest installment of "Star Wars" opened in the theaters across the country, Fox cast itself as the leader of the "rebel alliance" ... Read the whole story

  • 0.303

    This number represents the collective career batting average of all non-pitchers inducted into the Major League Baseball hall of fame. Do you know what ... Read the whole story

  • Newsweek Becomes News Of The Week, Especially On Blogs

    Every once in a while, a story surfaces that shakes up the blogosphere. This week, it was a story involving an apology from Newsweek ... Read the whole story

  • Magna: Think Multicultural, Act Local

    The importance of retaining cultural identity for even third-generation Hispanics and Asian-Americans will compel media buyers to place greater emphasis on local television, radio, ... Read the whole story