Wednesday, December 31, 2008
  • Season's Greetings From Viacom To Time Warner: S'ain't Nick, Or Comedy, MTV Either

    Viacom may kick the New Year off in a dramatic way for the subscribers of Time Warner Cable - by kicking popular networks such … Read the whole story

  • Happy New Year!

    In celebration of New Year, MediaDailyNews will not publish on January 1st. The staff of MDN and the rest of MediaPost wish all our … Read the whole story

  • Media X: A Stake Through Its Heart

    With 2008's death rattle ringing in their ears, advertisers are looking ahead, stringing garlic on their windows, crossing themselves feverishly and screwing up royally. Read the whole story

  • ESPN: 'Monday Night Football' Top '08 Cable Series

    ESPN released figures Tuesday showing that its "Monday Night Football" was the highest-rated cable series in 2008--when it drew 13 of the top-15 audiences … Read the whole story

  • Chilly Numbers: Big Newspaper Cos. Endure November Rev Plunge

    The New York Times Co., McClatchy and Media General are bellwethers for the newspaper industry overall. Their weak results suggest newspapers will see a … Read the whole story

  • Hayes Promoted To CEO, Cox Enterprises

    Jimmy W. Hayes has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Cox Enterprises. James C. Kennedy will remain chairman of the company. Read the whole story

  • Economy Sours Gen Y On Marketing

    The current economic climate--some might call it a financial crisis--is likely to have a far-reaching effect when it comes to Generation Y and the … Read the whole story

  • WADL Sues Petry Media

    WADL, a TV Detroit station, paid an unusual upfront fee of $1.5 million to national sales rep firm Petry Media. It now says it … Read the whole story