Wednesday, February 18, 2009
  • MDC Partners Loses One, Cliff Freeman Calls It Quits

    MDC Partners, the Toronto-based agency holding company that has been using an innovative model to roll up sizeable stakes in some of Madison Avenue's … Read the whole story

  • Media X: Analog and Angry

    Until we get a new network created on a dirty napkin in a punk club in Pomona by a Goth chick in a miniskirt … Read the whole story

  • Radio: Wave Of The Future

    Radio reaches 283 million weekly listeners and is relatively cheap to produce. Its short production times allow brands to be opportunistic in their media … Read the whole story

  • Arbitron To Battle Nielsen, Restart PPMs

    Arbitron CEO Michael Skarzynski said the company would battle aggressively to reclaim business lost to Nielsen and prevent any further defections. Arbitron said the … Read the whole story

  • CBS' Sees Rise In Viewership

    Giving rival Web TV portals a run for their money, posted a 263% increase in unique viewers in January, according to new data … Read the whole story

  • MobiTV Surpasses 6 Million Subscribers

    In the highly expected growth mobile TV business, one of the bigger TV packagers of networks--MobiTV--says it has made some gains, passing the 6 … Read the whole story

  • Liberty Takes 40% Stake In Sirius XM

    Sirius XM Radio got a $530 million infusion from Liberty Media Corp., the owner of DirecTV. This allowed Sirius-XM to make a debt payment … Read the whole story

  • Hallmark Touts Westerns, Musicals

    Hallmark Channel believes in variety, adding mysteries and musicals to its lineup. It has booked two "Stone Cold" movies with Tom Selleck and acquired … Read the whole story

  • Viewers Continue To Date 'The Bachelor'

    ABC's "The Bachelor" is doing its best "NCIS" impersonation these days. The 7-year-old reality show continued to have improving numbers--unique for a veteran show, … Read the whole story