Thursday, March 26, 2009
  • First "L3" Data Reveals DVRs Boost Local Station Ratings

    A look at Nielsen's new "live plus three" ratings for local markets shows that 90% of time-shifted viewing occurs within three days of broadcast, ... Read the whole story

  • Hearst-Argyle Tries Private Route -- Again

    While commenting on a frustrating fourth quarter, Hearst-Argyle CEO David Barrett described the company's stock price as "unimaginably low." And Hearst Corp. is looking ... Read the whole story

  • NBC: Viewers Loyal To Online Viewing

    NBC's online viewers don't abandon its shows once they start. According to recent research, NBC says 94% of its visitors "always or usually" watch ... Read the whole story

  • Brandtique: 'Bones,' Toyota And Audi

    As Ford stays in the game, GM and Chrysler have had to dial brand integration forays back. And it appears that foreign competitors are ... Read the whole story

  • Blockbuster To Show Movies, TV Via TiVo

    Blockbuster Inc. plans to rent and sell its movies and TV shows through TiVo in the second half of this year, offering new releases ... Read the whole story

  • Ion To Produce 12 Original Movies

    Adding to its growing stable of off-network dramas, the Ion network is beginning to move into the original programming business, promising to eventually develop ... Read the whole story

  • Infiniti Revs Up Branded Entertainment Deals, Will Measure Their ROI

    In a healthy sign for branded entertainment marketplace, luxury automaker Infiniti has cut a new round of deals to integrate its brands into a ... Read the whole story

  • Lifetime Gets Game With Roiworld

    Lifetime sees the value of gaming. The women's net has launched the U.S. version of, a casual gaming dress-up site. (The network acquired ... Read the whole story

  • Hispanic Radio, Magazines Take Hits

    After years of rapid growth, Hispanic media has shown it's not immune to the effects of the general economic downturn, registering big drops in ... Read the whole story