Wednesday, April 27, 2011
  • Mass Media: Newspaper Sites Reach Two-Thirds of Net Users

    Buoyed by dramatic events in Japan and the Middle East, newspaper Web sites reached approximately two-thirds of all Internet users in the first quarter, … Read the whole story

  • McGraw-Hill Broadcast Revs Up 10%

    TV operations at McGraw-Hill continued to benefit from automotive advertising and more informercial business during the first quarter, drawing $20 million in the period. … Read the whole story

  • Staying Current: Olbermann Returns To TV

    Keith Olbermann, set to serve as the anchor -- in more ways than one -- in Current TV's strategy to grow visibility, will make … Read the whole story

  • McClatchy Revenues Tumble 9.5%

    Newspaper publishers are reporting yet another round of revenue declines in the first quarter, deflating hopes that 2011 might bring a respite for the … Read the whole story

  • Discovery, History Network Top Consumer Favorites

    The TV networks named by consumers as their most favorite may not be the ones they actually watch, according to TV measurement companies. Beta … Read the whole story

  • truTV Offers 'Repo' Episode Via Facebook

    As networks search for ways to build engagement through Facebook, Turner's truTV has a novel tactic: a bonus episode. After receiving a major uptick … Read the whole story

  • DreamWorks: Slow 1Q Results, But Big Summer Films Ready

    Few big box-office revenue-producing movie assets in the first quarter of this year sank DreamWorks Animation SKG financial results versus a year ago. Read the whole story