Tuesday, December 25, 2012
  • Wall St. Analyst: 2013 Should Be Great Year For Discovery

    A Wall Street analyst has offered Discovery Communications quite the holiday present: a glowing report that suggests 2013 should be an outstanding year for ... Read the whole story

  • Smart TVs Not Utilized To Full Capacity

    Smart TVs are growing, but many of those U.S. consumer owners are not smart enough -- or just not interested -- in using those ... Read the whole story

  • LG Enhances Google TV Options

    Google TV's lineup next year will be seen on LG electronics models in five screen sizes, including cinema screen. Read the whole story

  • 'Spin' Goes Digital-Only, Music Mags Hit Sour Note

    Like other music titles, "Spin" was hit hard by the rapid shift to Internet media consumption, especially among the young adults who typically dominate ... Read the whole story

  • NFL Games Boost Nets

    NBC's "Sunday Night Football" -- TV's highest-rated show -- still carried the night for the network -- although much lower than the week before. ... Read the whole story