• Marketer All-Star: Vinay Shahani
    Like many kids growing up in the Detroit suburbs, Vinay Shahani was exposed to the auto industry at a very young age.
  • Marketer All-Star: Tracy-Ann Lim
    One of Tracy-Ann Lim's many achievements as the chief media officer of JPMorgan Chase & Co. is the consolidated Media Center of Excellence (COE), a team that manages everything from strategy to execution globally across both paid and organic channels. This centralized way of working allows JPMC to holistically, cohesively steward the firm's go-to-market investments and care for the safety of its brands and messages in market.
  • Marketer All-Star: Nick Tran
    In late 2005, a Saturday Night Live short, "Lazy Sunday," went viral and quickly established YouTube as the place to go to experience new video. Some 14 years later, Idaho Falls resident Nathan Apodaca posted a clip of himself on TikTok that showed him skateboarding down the street as Fleetwood Mac's 1977 hit "Dreams" played. The video went viral, earning tens of millions of views and prompted Fleetwood Mac members Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks to post TikToks of themselves grooving to the song.
  • Media All-Star: Jeff Larson
    After two decades working inside some of the world's greatest brands and as CMO of the tri-state area's Stew Leonard's supermarkets, Jeff Larson took the leap to the agency side.
  • Media All-Star: Christian Juhl
    When Christian Juhl was a kid, he actually loved watching ads on TV. As an adult, he came into the world of advertising via the e-commerce side and programming, interested in finding out what one could order online.
  • Media All-Star: Daryl Lee
    IPG will become the first media holding company to apply quality standards to TV news, "helping clients prioritize investment in truthful news content and away from environments of misinformation and potential brand harm," early next year.
  • Creative All-Star: Mark Book
    As we head into 2022, it's clear that the 30-second TV spot is no longer the center of the advertising universe.
  • Creative All-Star: Rob FitzGerald
    Agency veteran Rob FitzGerald hit the ground running when he joined Empower three-plus years ago as president and Chief Operating Officer, quickly becoming a key player in expanding the agency's creative and media capabilities and reimagining how Empower could drive results for clients.
  • Creative All-Star: Erica Schmidt
    Erica Schmidt has led Matterkind, Interpublic Group's activation intelligence company (previously Cadreon), for the past six years and continues to break barriers as global CEO, focusing on introducing the industry to a people-first approach to engaging audiences and driving brand growth regardless of channel on a global scale.
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