• Media All Star: Krystal Olivieri
    If data is the "new currency," then Krystal Olivieri might also be described as the ad industry's Fed chairman, if not its guiding spirit.
  • Media All Star: Michael Gullaksen
    An agency’s success begins at the top. A positive culture supports change and creates a place where productive people want to work. NP Digital, headquartered in San Diego, California, has experienced a 50% increase in full-time employees during the past year. One of those strategic new hires during the first quarter in 2022 was search expert Mike Grehan. The former Acronym CMO leads global Corporate Communications as the company expands globally and increases revenue. NP Digital’s annual revenue forecast in 2022 is estimated to surpass $100 million. Of its $32 million in revenue growth, 61% came …
  • Media All Star: Delphine Fabre-Hernoux
    Fabre-Hernoux says privileged access to the inside thinking about and application of some of the most powerful consumer data insights in the world prepared her to innovate the way Wavemaker and parent GroupM handle it.
  • Marketing All-Star: Tina Mahal
    Tina Mahal spearheaded Frito-Lay's debut partnership with the 2022 FIFA World Cup, making the product the first salty snack collaborator in the game's history.
  • Marketing All Star: Carl Loredo
    Wendy's has seen some of its most ambitious years under the guidance of Carl Loredo, making innovative strides in a field many of its rivals are hesitant to enter. The Wendyverse built in Meta's Horizon Worlds is a great example, and one that Loredo is incredibly proud of.
  • Marketing All Star: Evan Jones
    Under the direction of Evan Jones, legendary guitar makers Fender have successfully shredded their way into the minds of a generation born a decade after the famed inventor and company founder Leo Fender passed. As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Jones and his team have ensured that the Stratocaster doesn’t become your dad’s old guitar.   With initiatives like “Stratoverse” -- a virtual reality island shaped like one of the iconic guitars -- collaborations with TikTok creators, and astounding campaigns such as the one behind the American Professional series with the tagline “The One. For All,” …
  • Creative All Star: Alex Strimbeanu
    Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, the offices of JANDL are not far from Ukraine and the war that erupted there in the last year. The agency’s Creative Director, Alex Strimbeanu, understood immediately that he and his colleagues had a role to play in supporting their neighbors and fighting injustice propagated by the Russian administration. In March 2022, Special Love Operation was launched by Strimbeanu and other independent advertising professionals in the region to bypass Russian government censorship that blocked access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and several foreign news organizations. The group cleverly uses Tinder …
  • Creative All Star: Kinney Edwards
    For Kinney Edwards, the substance of campaigns is key and relies on authentic storytelling. Much of that comes from brands co-creating with established personalities.
  • Creative All-Star: Shana Bellot
    What’s in a name? For openers, a quirky, offbeat agency name gets attention. Say StrawberryFrog. The moniker is inspired by the strawberry frog, the rarest frog in the world, with blue legs and a red body. It is the opposite of what managing director Shana Bellot calls factory dinosaurs —  slow, bureaucratic firms. StrawberryFrog is agile, fast and nimble — and she credits that “rebel-with-jeans” ethos for the agency’s winning track record. Bellot shares some of that credit. As managing director, she led the expansion of the agency's 25-year-old Movement Strategy, Movement Outside and Movement Inside …
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