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Wednesday, September 30, 2015
  • IAB To Offer Publishers New Tools Against Ad Blockers

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau will offer small publishers new tools that could help them combat ad blocking, the organization said on Tuesday. The mechanisms … Read the whole story

  • Adlanders Know Programmatic Is Important Even If They Don't Totally Understand It

    According to new research from Warc and AppNexus, which released figures during an Advertising Week session, nearly half of those responding to a survey … Read the whole story

  • AOL, Verizon Team With Publicis For Sales

    Breathing life into their mobile-first entertainment platform, Verizon and AOL have secured an exclusive ad sales partnership with Publicis. The announcement was made at … Read the whole story

  • comScore, Rentrak To Merge, Take On Nielsen

    Making a major move for new digital and traditional media measurement services -- as well as amping up competition with Nielsen -- comScore is … Read the whole story

  • Connecting Programmatic's Disparate Pieces

    Programmatic has evolved from a mechanism for selling remnant inventory to a data-based industry focused on precision targeting, eliminating waste and measuring results. Speaking … Read the whole story

  • Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling

    A panel of women executives in leadership roles explored what has been achieved and the work that needs to continue at an Advertising Week … Read the whole story

  • Ad Execs Debate Data, AORs, Pay For Performance

    Introducing the Advertising Week session "That's Debatable!," one of the folks leading the panel (from COG NYC), said: "It's a really exciting time in … Read the whole story