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Monday, March 28, 2016
  • Judge In KSL Bankruptcy Case Slaps Its Former Law Firm With Big Fine

    Judge Alan M. Ahart awarded sanctions and related expense s against the firm -- Landau Gottfried & Berger -- totaling nearly $308,000 for various ... Read the whole story

  • How Mobile Is Transforming The Marketing World

    "Eight years ago, the app store was just being invented," says Chieh Huang, co-founder and CEO of Boxed. "The most powerful thing for your ... Read the whole story

  • Why Everyone In Ad Tech Hates Their CRO

    Marketing in the ad tech space, however, is generally poor and of the "spray and pray" variety: poorly conceived generic ideas, non-strategic PR activities, ... Read the whole story

  • Toyota Takes Its OOH Advertising To New Heights

    The automaker and its agency Saatchi LA created a towering (nearly 100-foot high) climbing wall/billboard in New York's Times Square to showcase the brand's ... Read the whole story

  • What To Do About Ad Blocking?

    Ad blocking really is the first time consumers ever had a voice about their web experience, says The Washington Post's Jeff Burkett during a ... Read the whole story

  • U.S. Ad Market Forecast 2016: A Good Year, But Some Slowdowns For TV, Radio

    While the U.S. advertising market is poised for a good year due to digital media, political advertising, and the Rio Summer Olympics, some media ... Read the whole story