MAD Agency Daily
Wednesday, February 20, 2019
  • Omnicom Veteran Matts Tapped To Run Hearts & Science U.S.

    For the last three years, Matts has served as North American CEO of Annalect, the data and analytics unit that is part of Omnicom ... Read the whole story

  • Troika Media, Mission Media's 'Superunion' Falls Apart

    In a lawsuit filed in New York, TMG states that $1.5 million is missing because Mission either "presented false" financial statements or "absconded" with ... Read the whole story

  • Giant Spoon Will Get SXSW Attendees To Literally Bleed For HBO

    As far as experiential media campaigns go, Giant Spoon's next big event for client HBO likely goes where none have gone before: into people's ... Read the whole story

  • Agencies Aren't At A Crossroads -- They ARE The Crossroads

    Agencies' core purpose has always been connection.That previously meant connecting client to media to customer; today, it means much more. Read the whole story

  • Influencer Marketing's Downward Ethical Spiral

    The whole point of influencer marketing is to make it appear that these people are genuine fans of these products. This -- of course ... Read the whole story