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Tuesday, August 18, 2015
  • The Cross-Device Conundrum

    Cross-device advertising is a dream for many marketers, but difficulties in measurement -- and a disagreement over just how valuable such granular data is … Read the whole story

  • How Geo-Targeting Left One Client In The Lurch

    The technology is coming along, but it remains risky to let a campaign hinge on laser-focused geo-targeting. That's according to Jesse Plate, Marketing Manager … Read the whole story

  • Black Box Cash Cows On The Verge Of Extinction (Mixed Metaphors Next)

    The third-party sound bite that got the biggest ovation during Steve Minichini's opening keynote at the Programmatic Insider Summit Monday morning was one implying … Read the whole story

  • How To Reach "Unreachable" Audiences, And Avoid Brand "Overreach"

    Among other viewability challenges, digital marketers are struggling with "unreachable" audiences, and brand "overreach," says Louise Clements, President at MRM//McCann East. Regarding the former … Read the whole story

  • Mobile Video Is The Future Of Mobile Advertising

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau has released a report showing that mobile advertising last year was a $31.9 billion dollar industry, growing 65%. It's safe … Read the whole story

  • Can Alphabet Spark Corporate Innovation?

    As I was reading Walter Isaacson's new book, "The Innovators," which chronicles the rise of the digital revolution, something struck me. From Charles Babbage … Read the whole story

  • Steve Minichini + Taylor Swift = Who Woulda Thought?

    Steve Minichini kicked off the Programmatic Insider Summit in Lake Tahoe on a surprising note this morning, invoking pop star Taylor Swift. Minichini, the … Read the whole story

  • Lackluster Mobile Installs? Ad Retargeting is an Answer

    Use of mobile apps can be fleeting — and a continued problem. But there is help: ad retargeting. “Installs have become the new click,” … Read the whole story