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Thursday, January 5, 2017
  • The Intersection of Technology and Transparency

    While digital complexity has created a world of new opportunities for brands and consumers alike, it's also seriously undermined a fundamental value shared by … Read the whole story

  • AOL Launches BrandBuilder Framework At CES

    AOL announced on Thursday at CES the launch of BrandBuilder, a creative ad framework powered by AOL data and platforms. The Brandbuilder framework supports … Read the whole story

  • Twitter Turmoil Reaches Asia

    Twitter is in turmoil, and advertising - or its lack - is at the center of it all. Now managing director for China, Kathy … Read the whole story

  • Emerging Tech Takes Center Stage At CES, Staples Continue To Dominate Sales

    If 2016 was a "year of transition" for potentially game-changing consumer technology -- especially VR headsets and digital assistants -- 2017 is projected to … Read the whole story