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Monday, September 19, 2011
  • Mobile Search Becomes Focus For Yahoo

    Mobile makes up about 20% of searches globally for Yahoo. In some regions, such as Indonesia, 80% of all searches on Yahoo come from ... Read the whole story

  • The Twitter Ad Platform: Search Marketing's Next Frontier

    News out of Twitter last week about its evolving advertising platform, and follow-up speculation by a well-informed John Battelle about Twitter's plans, indicate one ... Read the whole story

  • For Marketers, Social Isn't Quite The New Search

    My friend and colleague Scott Gillum recently wrote a piece arguing that social warrants experimentation, but until more is known about its impact on ... Read the whole story

  • Is it Time To Relabel 'Search' Marketing?

    Last week, I asked the question, "Is the word 'search' the right label for what we do on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other engines?" ... Read the whole story

  • Mobile Injection Focus Of Kenshoo, Omnicom Deal

    A global deal between Kenshoo, a search engine marketing platform provider, and Omnicom Media Group's digital data and analytics division Annalect Group puts the ... Read the whole story

  • Mobile Metrics Ad Platform Tracks Click To Call

    Telmetrics developed a mobile call-tracking analytics platform that the company plans to release Monday. The platform -- m.Call -- reports on all calls generated ... Read the whole story

  • Will Yahoo End Up In Pieces Or Be Put Back Together?

    As turmoil swirls around Yahoo a series of investors have made inquiries on ways to secure a major chunk. Among them -- Andreessen Horowitz ... Read the whole story

  • ION Taps Sternberg To Head Sales Research

    Longtime TV programming analysis executive for media agencies, Steve Sternberg has been named senior vice president of sales research for ION Media Networks. Read the whole story