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Friday, January 20, 2012
  • Adometry Seeks To Move Beyond Lookalike Targeting, Integrates Attribution

    Marketers understand that having the tools to analyze clicks and conversions across search, social, display and other media can improve campaigns. To capitalize on ... Read the whole story

  • Ad Industry Rails Against Costly SOPA/PIPA Compliance

    Industry executives claim the proposed SOPA legislation will cost billions to monitor content and links embedded on Web pages. The opposition says the proposed ... Read the whole story

  • Google Hits Q4 Revenue Numbers For Marketers

    Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page said during the company's Q4 2011 earnings call Thursday that Google+ now supports more than 90 million users. ... Read the whole story

  • Embrace Your Inner 'Screw-Up'

    Humans hate making mistakes. But the fact is, making mistakes is an essential part of being human. Somehow, we have to learn to live ... Read the whole story