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Wednesday, June 26, 2013
  • FTC Warns Search Engines About Paid Ads

    Search engines are increasingly blurring the differences between paid ads and organic listings, the Federal Trade Commission said on Tuesday. The FTC pointed to ... Read the whole story

  • Wireside Chat : More From Comscore's Eli Goodman

    I recently shared Eli Goodman's perspective on issues facing digital marketers, from tapping look-alike audiences and combining channels to everyone's favorite topic, Google Glass. ... Read the whole story

  • LinkedIn Teams With IDG On Tech Groups

    In its latest content initiative, LinkedIn has partnered with IDG Communications to create a series of new tech-oriented discussion groups on the professional network ... Read the whole story

  • Omnicom, Not WPP Or Publicis, Dominates Madison Avenue's Tech Story

    If you follow the trade press (including this publication), you'd think that WPP and Publicis dominate Madison Avenue's technology beat, but according to some ... Read the whole story

  • RadiumOne Taps Bader As CMO

    Veteran agency executive and mobile expert Eric Bader is joining social data-driven ad network RadiumOne as its first chief marketing officer. Bader was most ... Read the whole story

  • What's On Your Mind, George Gallate?

    Rimm-Kaufman Group CEO George Gallate spills the beans about what's on his mind. He talks about the many consumer voices that provide input to ... Read the whole story

  • Marketing's Role In Boston Market's Rib Success

    The major success of Boston Market's St. Louis Style ribs obviously reflects America's love affair with a good rib at the right price. But ... Read the whole story

  • AdWords Tips, Checklist

    Elisa Gabbert gives us a few simple steps that marketers might overlook in Google AdWords accounts. The steps, part of a white paper she ... Read the whole story

  • Demystifying Semantic SEO

    Matthew Brown answers five questions about semantic search engine optimization, from defining the term to determining whether implementing markup will hurt search engine ... Read the whole story

  • 100 Ways Optimization Helps Companies Succeed

    A compiled list of techniques to optimize Web site for better conversions tells about 100 success stories. The case studies come from multiple sources. The ... Read the whole story