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Tuesday, December 31, 2013
  • Court Turns Down Google's Street View Appeal

    A federal appellate court has affirmed its earlier ruling that Google's Street View cars potentially violated the federal wiretap law by collecting payload data ... Read the whole story

  • Instagram Rivals Twitter In Reach, Facebook In Engagement

    In reach, engagement, creative depth and favorable demographics, Instagram has emerged as the true powerhouse among mobile-first social nets. Read the whole story

  • There's No Such Thing As Bad Data

    While missed KPIs are never a goal, they should be far from a nightmare. It's surprising that so many marketers throw the baby out ... Read the whole story

  • Phablet & Programmatic Will Win In 2014

    2014 will be a big and exciting year for marketers and there will be winners and losers across the board. The winners will be ... Read the whole story