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Wednesday, July 29, 2015
  • Microsoft Puts Bing In Windows 10 Spotlight

    Microsoft began rolling out Windows 10 software on Wednesday. The Web browser called Edge supports a new desktop search bar from Bing in the ... Read the whole story

  • 5 Ways To Get Smarter About PLA Campaigns

    Getting positive return on investment from product listing ads has become more difficult because brands must face increased competition for ads, evolving provider requirements, ... Read the whole story

  • Search Advertising Needs Stronger Connection To YouTube, Facebook Videos

    Facebook may have a strong ad placement infrastructure for television campaigns, but it lacks the extensive network that YouTube created through Google that pulls ... Read the whole story

  • Mapping Out The Best Attribution Path

    Marketers want to find an attribution model that considers all of the channels they use to gain the highest return for advertising dollars spent. ... Read the whole story

  • Mississippi AG Tried To 'Coerce' Google Into Censoring Search Results, Company Says

    Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood repeatedly attempted to "coerce Google into censoring third-party speech," the company argues in new court papers. Read the whole story

  • Is Viewability The Bogeyman Of Digital Advertising?

    Viewability has been an increasingly hot topic. Advertisers are clamoring for increased viewability levels; companies are scrambling to develop technologies that improve viewability; trade ... Read the whole story