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Monday, February 18, 2019
  • Asian-Americans Next Focus For Marketers, Brands

    The U.S. Asian household earns an estimated $116,319 annually -- about 36% more than other U.S. households and 22% more than white households. Read the whole story

  • Debating Nuances, Distinctions In Consumer Data Privacy Becomes Global Fight

    Tech companies and some Republicans want a national standard that would override state regulations, such as California's 2018 privacy law that broadens the definition ... Read the whole story

  • New Marketing Tech 'Landscape' Reveals Blockchain Explosion

    The number of marketing startups focused on blockchain-based solutions has grown from 22 in Q3 of 2017 to 290 today. Read the whole story

  • Certona Upgrades Link With Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    The upgrade will enhance compatibility between Certona and the Commerce Cloud, the company says. Read the whole story

  • Congress Urged To Ban Use Of Big Data To Discriminate

    "Civil rights protections have existed in brick-and-mortar commerce for decades. It is time to ensure they apply to the internet economy as well," watchdogs ... Read the whole story