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Monday, August 12, 2013
  • Robert Downey, Jr.'s The One For HTC Change Campaign

    Set to kick off later this week and roll out globally is a surrealistic TV spot and lengthier companion YouTube video in which Downey … Read the whole story

  • FirstBank: 'Restore Your Faith In Free'

    A campaign for FirstBank acknowledges customers' distrust of "free." In addition to traditional media, the Lakewood, Col.-based bank is employing a suite of free … Read the whole story

  • NBC Acquires Stringwire Mobile App For User-Gen Reporting

    NBC will acquire the technology and talent behind an app that solicits and gathers user-generated video at news events. The deal signals NBC's willingness … Read the whole story

  • NEW! Google Fiber Likens TV-Watching To Bird-Watching

    If the difficult things in life were all explained this easily, there would be nothing to complain about. Google Fiber launched "Bird Watcher," an … Read the whole story

  • CBS, TWC Quarrel -- And Fans Pay

    As CBS and Time Warner Cable hurl accusations at each other to win public support for their fee battle, who wins? It may keep … Read the whole story

  • Cross-Addressing: The TWC Gambit

    The press reported that in a letter to CBS CEO Les Moonves, Time Warner Cable boss Glenn Britt offered to make CBS available to … Read the whole story

  • Tweeting Can Increase On Air TV Ratings

    Analyzing more than 200 episodes of prime-time television programs, Nielsen determined that a surge in the number of tweets about a show increased its … Read the whole story