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Tuesday, July 28, 2015
  • Search, Meerkat To Bring Live Streaming TV Indexed In Near Real-Time

    Television personalities like Al Roker are reaching from traditional broadcasting into the future of television, and will do it with help from technology like … Read the whole story

  • Digital Engagement Index

    DirecTV secured a spot in the top 10 thanks to the advertisement of the DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket. The excitement for the 2015 season … Read the whole story

  • A Mass Medium Without Mass Media: Live TV Losing Default Status

    Live TV is no longer the default experience for an emerging generation of viewers. The TV is quickly becoming just another monitor now, Read the whole story

  • Streaming Snarky: The Social Smartness Of 'Schmidt'

    Snarky humor that doubles as social commentary is an art form. One of the high priestesses of the genre is Tina Fey, who has … Read the whole story

  • TV Ad Spend Up 11.5% - Not Bad For The Channel The Internet 'Killed'

    Internet advertising continues to rise as ad spend increases. But if you take a look at the figures, TV is doing incredibly well -- … Read the whole story