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Friday, November 24, 2017
  • CBS' Cable Networks Major Issue In Dish Dispute

    CBS says Dish subscribers "watch CBS more than any other broadcast or cable outlet." CBS TV stations and cable networks stopped airing on Dish ... Read the whole story

  • Viacom, Disney See Stock Prices Head In Different Directions

    Viacom was down nearly 2.2% to $26.67, while Discovery was 3.1% higher to $17.79, due to a couple of different recommendations: One for Discovery ... Read the whole story

  • Study: Consumers Watching More Content Because Of Streaming Services

    As more and more Americans watch TV and movie content through streaming video services and over-the-top video services, the consumption of that content is ... Read the whole story

  • Pressuring Local TV Advertisers, New Wrinkle In CBS-Dish Dispute

    Dish has taken the retrans battles up a notch -- asking subscribers to call on local TV advertisers to take action. What kind of ... Read the whole story

  • ElfYourself Back For The Holidays, Now With Augmented Reality

    The elves are back for the holidays and this year they're bringing a bit of augmented reality along with them. The annual ElfYourself app ... Read the whole story