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Friday, November 24, 2023
  • Streamer Reach Weakens Due To Seasonality, Hollywood Strikes

    Only two of 15 streaming platforms gained in household reach -- Netflix and YouTube -- as measured by TVision Signal, over a 10-month period … Read the whole story

  • SabioTV Redefines Diversity

    Diversity in mindset, not just the color of someone's skin, fuels Sabio Holdings' foray into streaming television apps. Read the whole story

  • Krispy Kreme Buddies Up With Warner Bros. For 'Elf'-Inspired Collection

    The boxed set, available at Krispy Kreme stores beginning Nov. 24, contains three new limited-edition items, including the The Buddy Snow Globe Doughnut. Read the whole story

  • Social Media Are Key Source For Holiday Gift Ideas

    Advertisers are recommended to use an omniscreen strategy to reach and interact with holiday shoppers. Read the whole story

  • Is Streaming Sustainable For The Long Term? Look Back 30 Years For A Clue

    We now have what consumers have long wanted: individual media companies' streaming apps to pick and choose from. The question remains: Is this what … Read the whole story