Television News Daily Editions for June 2024
Television News Daily - Friday, June 28, 2024
Other Than That, Mrs. Biden, How Was The Debate?
Debate TV Ad Buys Total $3.7M
Dish Network Brings Back Real Old-Style Bundles: Long-Term Contracts
Beer And 'The Bear': Stella Artois Partners With Hit FX Series Again
YouTube Sees Brand Fans Move From Consumers Of Culture To Shaping It
Television News Daily - Thursday, June 27, 2024
Bloodsport! Partisan Media Goes Debate Daffy
Analyst Projects CPM Declines For Linear, Streaming Upfronts
Report: Social Media Most 'Meaningful" Channel, TV Most Trusted
Paramount Global Hurt By Absence Of Big Deals, Cuts... And More Cuts?
Ad Market Expands For 14th Month In May, Signals Possible Deceleration
Amex Joins In Foodie-Bonding With Season Three Of 'The Bear'
Advertisers Tend To Ignore Middle-Aged Consumers, Report Says
When Did We Become A Rev-Share-First, Not Client-First, Industry?
Television News Daily - Wednesday, June 26, 2024
In 2 New Shows, Power To The Powerless
Total Ad-Based Linear, Streaming TV Viewing Slips in May: Analyst
'Frequency Imbalance' Issues Continue For Political Marketers On CTV: Analysis
Presidential Debate Fact, Fiction And Mute: What Will Matter To TV Viewers?
ANA, 4As: Privacy Bill Would 'Eviscerate' Industry
Television News Daily - Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Hulu Brat Pack Documentary Boosts Viewing Of Old Brat Pack Movie
For Second Time, Disney And YouTube Lead New Monthly Nielsen 'Distributor' Share
Nielsen v. Hypha Dismissed, Frees Startup To Begin Panel Rollout
Netflix Extends Microsoft Partnership To Support CTV Ads, Campaigns
Microsoft Expands IAS Ad Measurement Partnership
New MoviePass: Now Taking Lessons From Premium Video Streamers?
The Good, The Too Bad, And The Ugly: '3 Body Problem,' 'The Gentlemen,' 'Parish'
Television News Daily - Monday, June 24, 2024
How The Content On Netflix Matches Up With Traditional TV
Disney Offers Global First-Party Data Connection
Cheap Big-Screen Video Sets? Go Further - Mark Down The 'TV' Modifier
'Inside Out 2' Bangs Out Another $100M In Week 2
Waste Creative Spotlights Update To Clash Royal Game
How Brands Can Navigate The Long, Hot, Hitless Summer
Television News Daily - Friday, June 21, 2024
Insults Are Up, Moderator Control Is Down, Says Presidential Debate Study
5-Year Hit: Legacy Media Profits Halved, Linear Ads Share Decline
Key Political TV Advertising States: Don't Mean A Thing Without That Swing
How Americans Will Watch Presidential Debate Live On TV
Preacher Showcases Female Power In Disney Bundle Spot
The Art Of The Deal For Advertisers And Agencies
Instream Versus Outstream Delineation Finally Getting Attention
Television News Daily - Thursday, June 20, 2024
Why The Tonys And Emmys Struggle For Ratings
Netflix Ad Revenue Forecast To Hit $950M In 2024, Top Ad Dollars Per Viewer: eMarketer
Automotive TV Spending Drops 14.6% In May
Krispy Kreme Angers U.S. Fans With U.K.-Only 'Friends' Release
Can Biden-Trump Debate Pack Viewers In With No Live Audience, Muting, Less Drama?
LinkedIn Study Finds 67% Of CMOs Expect To Go Through A Reorg This Year
Let's Shake On It: Black Friday Awareness Campaign Wins Media Grand Prix
Television News Daily - Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Send In The Chimps: TV's Fun Factor Is About Zero Right Now
Top TV Networks' Ad Revenue Flat At $10.4B In First-Half 2024, Airings 6% Higher
CPG Brands Score High Streaming, CTV Reach - And Lower Ad Frequency
Even FAST Channels May Need High-Profile Original Content... Sometimes
Yahoo Launches First Ad Creative Platform, Princess Cruises Becomes Early Tester
Social-Media Algorithms May Change Viewer Perception Of Diversity
Television News Daily - Tuesday, June 18, 2024
History Channel Says Evel Knievel, Bruce Lee 'Built' America
May Streaming Grows To Best Viewing Share Ever At 39%, FAST Sees Strong Gains
SNL's Thompson Shares Some Comedic Secret Sauce At Cannes, Turns Out It Includes Mayonnaise
"Dunkin'terns' Aims At Gen Z, Makes A Bot Of Ben
Can Ad-Supported Streamers Still See Growth As Consumers Want Even Less Ads?
Xbox CMO Jerret West Joins Roblox
Charting A Course Through The Brand Media Maze
Television News Daily - Monday, June 17, 2024
The Alienists: UFO Researchers Get Spaced Out On Discovery Channel
Disney Launches 'Advergames' On Hulu, ESPN
X Pitches Advertisers On The Big 3
Magna Boosts Ad Outlook: Cites Economic Rebound, Cyclical Events
'Inside Out 2' Goes Outside The Box With Massive $155M Opening
WFA: Marketers Struggle With DEI Efforts In Production Space
Younger Sports Fans Are Most Likely To Stream Live Games
Yippee-Ki-Yay, MFA: Advertisers Dump Bogus Sites
RSN Issues Start At The Top: A Focus On Teams, Leagues?
Layoffs Reported At PBS And Lee Enterprises
Apple Privacy Vs. Competition: What The Ad Industry Needs To Compute
Stagwell, Anzu To Partner On New In-Game Ad Experiences
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