• Hard Wired: How Brands Are Using Data To Power Email Engagement
    Here are the most effective email personalization tactics from a DMA Webinar featuring Roger Barnette, CEO of MessageGears.
  • Bad Actors Get Smart: Phishing Artists Target Smaller Lists
    A report shows that phishing attacks are now going to as few as ten people. And they're taking less time.
  • Millennials Have A Heart: Their Online Donations Prove It
    Millennials are not quite the self-centered kids portrayed in the media. They contribute to charities and serve as volunteers.
  • Verizon Doesn't Get Any Respect: It's Slammed For Its Marketing Twice In One Week
    Verizon had two PR gaffes in one week. But it also made some positive news -- with a new service called Alto Mail.
  • The Great Getaway: Email Helps Drive Summer Travel Campaigns
    The summer season is here. It's time for some exciting digital tourism campaigns.
  • State AGs Trump Feds: They're Stepping Into The Privacy Breach
    The federal government may be pursuing deregulation, but the states still want to protect their citizens.
  • Made To Measure: Email And Other Channels Are Main Metrics Focus
    Most marketers concentrate on channel measurement. But is that as far as they can go?
  • The Danger Zone: Email And The Tricky Twists And Turns Of B2B Sales
    B2B marketers need omnichannel capability to survive in today's complex selling environment, a study shows. That includes email.
  • Smoke No More With Email: Tailored Messages Help Smokers Kick The Habit
    It's slightly unbelievable. But a new study shows that custom emails can help people stop smoking.
  • Around The World With B2B: Email Still A Top Channel, HubSpot Finds
    Email remains a leading B2B sales and communications tool across all continents, a HubSpot survey shows.
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