• The Email Design Cosmos: The Best New Ideas For 2017
    Email design has changed. Here are the latest ideas from thought leaders on the subject.
  • Life After Verizon.net: How Brands Can Recoup
    Consumers aren't the only ones hurt by Verizon's abandonment of its email service. Brand marketers will have to find -- and re-engage -- those customers.
  • A Free Ride On Your Marketing Dollar: How The Privacy Rollback Helps The ISPs
    Who is most hurt by the privacy rule rollback passed by the House? It may be businesses more than consumers.
  • When Your Email Bombs Out: What the CMO Council Survey Says
    The big problem in marketing is the failure to integrate touchpoints, according to a study by the CMO Council. Here's why.
  • Fake Email, Fake News, Fake Business
    Alleged Florida perps try to snare the suckers with email campaign. What's the lesson here?
  • Under The Influence: Email Newsletters And Influencer Marketing
    Marketers use email newsletters to influence people. But do they really have to hire "influencers?" to do that?
  • What's On The Horizon For Verizon?
    Marketers are still scratching their heads over Verizon’s move to drop 4.5 million verizon.net email addresses,  leaving users to fend for themselves. These poor folks have to move to AOL, choose another service or let their accounts be deleted. And they have to do it quickly. Among the skeptics is Ryan Phelan, head of marketing for Adestra’s U.S. group. He begins with the cautionary statement that “the whole move seems a little harsh and hurried,” but that’s the least of it. “You’ve got to wonder what the impetus is because they’re giving up a lot by this move,” he …
  • Playing The Field: How B2B Firms Buy Data And Email Addresses
    Oh, those inconstant B2B marketers. A study by Openprise shows that most firms use multiple data suppliers, not just one. And those that do sleep the best at night.
  • Verizon Dumps Email Users
    The email world was shaken on Friday when Verizon announced it was deactivating its 4.5 million verizon.net email addresses, essentially abandoning its service. Here's what it means for consumers and marketers.
  • What Your Good Name Is Worth
    A number of new surveys suggest that email reputation is a fragile thing.
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