• The Millennial Mystique
    Tired of marketing to Baby Boomers who insist on wearing cargo shorts even while they have one foot in the grave? Here's an audience with better actuarial prospects: the Millennials.
  • Help From Hal: The Next Wave of AI
    Are you investing in AI? Tata Consultancy found that the main uses in 2020 will not be for IT, but for functions like marketing and customer service.
  • Getting Too Personal: The Peril Of The Internet of Things
    A Canadian company is hit with a $3.75 million settlement for collecting personal data without permission.
  • Trigger Happy: AdRoll On Dynamic Email
    Email marketers have upped their game and are sending dynamic messages based on the content people viewed on Web sites, AdRoll reports.
  • Duck The Spam Folder With Seven Hidden Metrics: The Return Path Study
    You can avoid spam folders and get your emails opened by using seven hidden metrics, Return Path says.
  • Delivering The Goods: Backing Up Your Emails With Good Customer Service
    Be sure your customer experience lives up to the expectations you set in your email copy.
  • Is Your Email List Safe From Hacking?
    The news is full of stories about email hacking. It started during the Presidential campaign, and is continuing, with almost daily revelations about politicos being hacked, like Vice President Mike Pence. You might think the Russians are to blame for all of it. But the problem goes deeper than that. “From a security standpoint, email is fundamentally broken,” Brian Barrett writes in Wired. “Until that changes, expect email hacks and scandals aplenty.” Wait, Brian. Don’t our IT guys have this under control? Ho ho. “For a dedicated hacker or social engineer, a user name and password presents only the slightest …
  • Forced Email Signups: An Ecommerce Deal Breaker
    Worried about people abandoning your Web site? Maybe you're asking too much of them. A new survey by Jetlore shows that mandatory email signups can kill the deal.
  • Split-Screen Email Surveys
    Two studies offer conflicting updates on email. Which one should you believe?
  • Email And The Digital Future: What Econstancy Found
    Most annual surveys change little from year to year. But the 2017 digital trends from Econstancy and Adobe has one or two minor tweaks in it. And its biggest finding is that improving the customer experience dominates the priority list.
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