• My Secret For Finding Great People
    The marketing world has changed, and so have the types of people who do well at it. If you want talent today, look for the explorers. Or better yet, do something bold and adventurous and they'll find you.
  • The Promise Of Contextual Creative
    Context, when done properly, is the vortex between media and creative. But with media now separate from creative in most cases, I fear that this technique is a dying art.
  • Where Will Clients Find The Next Pound Of Flesh?
    Accountability is missing from the client side. It may finally be time for clients to look inward to achieve further efficiencies.
  • Darwin invades the ANA
    For four days, Phoenix turned into Darwin's Galapagos.The environs were dominated by three species. First, the agencies who have roamed the media world for almost three centuries now, despite facing several crises that announced their imminent extinction. Even more visible than the agencies were the marketing tech companies, recent adaptations to a changing environment. And thirdly of course, the clients, who came in large numbers from a broad range of industries.
  • Let's Fix Digital Corruption Now!
    Today, approximately 50% of digital impressions never have the chance to get seen, at least by humans. But there is not a compelling short term reason for most of us to want to deal with it. So, we sweep it under the rug. But that bump is growing bigger and soon it will outgrow the entire house.