• Advertising Week Is One Of The True Industry Bright Spots
    With all the changes happening in our industry, conferences like this offer the chance to learn about some of the new, hot topics. Like social media. No, wait, that's becoming old hat already. I meant programmatic buying, or perhaps native advertising, the ad ingnue of the week.
  • Newsflash! Church Marries State In Shotgun Wedding
    Native advertising that is poorly done will be ignored by consumers. But if editors apply the same standards to advertising that they apply to journalism, then they are performing a valuable service.
  • Super Bowl Now A Bargain @$3.7 Million A Spot
    The machinery that merchandises and amplifies the SB spot is now worth more than the spot itself. And that's why $3.7 million is a bargain today.
  • The Agency Of The Future Is Here (Almost)
    The agency of the future will be based on a 100% performance model, and that will usher in a Golden Age for agencies and clients.