• Early Predictions For 2014
    It will be a Happy New Year for the disintermediators of agencies, not so much for the agencies themselves. At the holding company level WPP will try to ameliorate the situation by continuing to embrace its bigger is better mantra. And the role of magazines will be further usurped by blogger networks. And client procurement teams will have a field day with Publicom.
  • Does The Truth Really Work?
    Just telling the truth isn't enough. Accuracy is fine, but it isn't always interesting. In 2014, there are new challenges to truth. How do we handle paid influencers in social media? How about native advertising?
  • Is Ad Tech Really Media Tech?
    Ad:Tech New York this week is chock-full of new ad tech companies trying to carve a niche for themselves in the digital marketing space. But most new ad tech firms won't amount to much in the way of revenue except for the ones in media tech. Media has always been where the money is.