Video Daily Editions for February 2013
Video Daily - Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013
Nielsen's Expansion of the Household Definition Is A Sign of Things to Come
AOL Taps Lyne To Head Brand Group
Wisk Is Funny -- And It Cleans Your Clothes, Too
CVS, Walgreens, Amazon Top Retail App Ranking
Twitter Is The New YouTube
Bing Fund Finds Sonar, Invests In Social Discovery App
Time With Video Underscores Need For Fine-Tuned Cross-Media Placements Trims Its Senior Staff, Says
Why I -- And Mark Zuckerberg -- Are Bullish On Google Glass Does Whatever Is 'Justified'
Have You Heard The One About Online CPMs?
Adap.TV Looking at IPO, Says Bloomberg News
Cowell To Launch Global Talent Contest On YouTube
BBC Taps McIntosh For Online And Red Button
Video Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013
Netflix's Hastings: TV Everywhere Could Pose Major Challenge
My Roku Experience - And What It's Taught Me About Pre-Roll Ads
Kids! Learn Code! Urge Two Entrepreneurs in Online Campaign with Big-Name Support
Advertisers Must Adjust How They Pitch Mobile Users
TiVo Records Big Rev Gains, Subscriptions Top 3 Million
Real-Time Branding (Race To The Bottom?) Native Advertising Requires Impact and Scale
In L.A., Online Commercials for Mayoral Race Feature Big Names, Unique Testimonials
Some Brands Say: Use Video to Form Relationships; Sell Comes Later
Fitness Marketers, Reach Out On Social Media
Jagermeister In Social Responsibility Campaign
GM Bets The Telematics Farm: Onboard 4G LTE Worldwide
CMOS Will More than Double Social Media Spending In Five Years
AOL On Invades Canada
Ford Launches Chapter 2 Of C-MAX Campaign
Building Mindshare In Facebook Graph Search
Time Warner To Study Second Screen's Effect On TV Viewing
Behind 'House of Cards': Harbinger Of...What?
Video Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013
Younger Users Lead Trend Away from TV, But They're Hardly Alone
Digital Ad Targeting Pays Off In Political Ads
Behind 'House of Cards': Harbinger Of...What?
Doubling Down: Mobile Now Accounts For 8% Of Digital Video Viewing
The Future Of Advertising Will Be...
Is Mobile Video Advertising More Effective Than TV Spots?
VivaKi, AOL Unveil New Video Ad Units: Give Users Even More Control, Ability To Interact
How DailyMotion Could Survive And Thrive
TubeMogul University Goes International; New Website Launches
blinkx; Gerry Louw
Lori Conkling; NBCUniversal
U.S. Smartphones Users Most Video-centric
ABC Adds Another NYT Reporter With Online Video Experience
ABC Wants to Extend Its 'Watch' TV Everywhere Plan to Its Affiliates
YouTube Bigfoots NASCAR, Reinstates Grisly Crash Footage Race Org. Took Down
Yahoo, Nationwide Release Financial Videos
Video Daily - Monday, Feb. 25, 2013
Tremor's VideoHub Intros 'eQ ' Application to Give Holistic Quality Grade To Online Ads
How "Big Data" Made "House of Cards" A Success
Did Android Just Retake Smartphone Lead?
TV Ads Viewed Online Up Brand Recall
Bambuser Eyes Integration With News Outlet Apps
Tremor's Kilgore Named IAB Chair
Opera Merges Mobile Ad Businesses
HP Embraces Tablets As Key To Future
How DailyMotion Could Survive And Thrive
Online Sites Produce Huge Impact On Sex, Romance
How About Do-It-Yourself TV Metrics -- Until Something Better Comes Along?
Dish Leaps Over Fox Ad Ban With Hopper Logo On Daytona Car
Video Daily - Friday, Feb. 22, 2013
January Online Ad Views Take a Big Dip, Again
Nielsen Redefines 'Television,' Will Include Internet-Only Connected Sets, Households
Filings Say NBC Paid $195M to Buy Back Half of
Insider Facebook Marketing Secrets
YouTube Opposes Actress' Bid To Remove 'Muslims' Film
Facebook Blocks NBC Site, Afraid of Hacking
Five Tips For Coping When (Not If) Your Social Media Accounts Are Hacked
AdWords Enhances Campaigns: Teams Coupons, Search Ads
HuffPost Live Looks Back at the First Six Months
Search Marketers Get Used To A Multichannel, Multi-Device World
Charter Revs Rise On Net, Video, But Drop On Cable
Virgin Media Adds YouTube App To TiVo Listings
Red Bull's 16-Minute "A Skateboard Film" Has Wings
How Restaurants Are Using Twitter's Vine
Ads Latch Onto One-Quarter of Videos Now -- CPG Dominates
Video Daily - Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013
YouTube/Billboard Team Up to Give Viral Views A Lot More Credit
Smart TVs Register Uptick, 66 Mil Shipped In 2012
Ads Latch Onto One-Quarter of Videos Now -- CPG Dominates
Despite Cord Cutting, TV Dominates Advertising
Red Bull's 16-Minute "A Skateboard Film" Has Wings
Sony Introduces New Playstation Without Actually Introducing It
A Look Into RTB's Quality, Ad Impressions, Data & Future
Chicago Sun-Times Will Add a Daily Online Newscast
Myth-Busting: The Truth About Mobile Video RTB
Reuters Says NBCU Hired Lori Conkling to Head Digital Monetization Efforts
How Restaurants Are Using Twitter's Vine
Video Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013
Maybe Legacy Publishers Could Save Themselves By Thinking Outside The...Website
Will YouTube's Subscription Push Kill Cable?
How To Analyze Content
Anomaly Sponsors Google Glasses Competition
Myth-Busting: The Truth About Mobile Video RTB
Akamai Introduces Targeted Ad Insetion Service for Online Videos
Limelight Touts Online Video, Reports Slight Revenue Gains
Website Denies It's the One Responsible for Widespread Hacking Attacks
RTB Reaching 30% of Online Video Ad Sales
Digitaria Hires Freye As VP, Marketing
Will Ad Sales People Be Replaced By Algorithms?
Sorry Samsung, Apple's IPhones Best Selling Devices Worldwide
Video Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013
Online Viewing Is Growing But Traditional TV Isn't Exactly Crumbling
GE Social Campaign A Shout-Out For Inventions
Opera Software Pays $155M for Skyfire
''Web TV' Still Seems Kind of Webby
Apple Debuts Two New Ads for iPad
New Video Game Celebrates Christopher Dorner
New Sony Playstation Will Stream Games
Skype Trialling The Video Message
Lifestyle Or Entertainment Content: Does It Really Matter?
Super 8 And Vine
Poland Spring: Media Exposure Vs. Buzz, Awareness
Video Daily - Monday, Feb. 18, 2013
Connected TV Devices Have Big Future, More Than A Gimmick, Forrester Report Says
Panera Bread Aims For Social 'Food Chain Reaction'
Alphabird Acquires Volt, Will Bolt Video Onto Its Ad Platform
New Video Game Celebrates Christopher Dorner
New Sony Playstation Will Stream Games
Opera Software Pays $155M for Skyfire
You Attract More Barflies With Fun Than With Savings
Lifestyle Or Entertainment Content: Does It Really Matter?
Weather Channel Brings Climate-Controlled Toyota Background Ad To New Android App
Is Programmatic Making People Irrelevant? (Answer: No)
Video Daily - Friday, Feb. 15, 2013
The Very Last Super Bowl Online Video Mention 'Til Next Year.
Can You Count to 1 Billion? Sesame Street YouTube Video Celebrates
Nigerian Version of Netflix Says Hooray for Nollywood
Virool Raises $6.62 Million in Seed Money
Guide to Sunday's Streamy Award Nominations
Video Viewing Rises, But Growth Rates Slow
Who Wins In Online Video Sexiness: Jennifer Love Hewitt or David Beckham?
You Attract More Barflies With Fun Than With Savings
Slow Economic Growth WIll Pressure Advertisers To Maximize ROI
Social Media Users Skew Young, Affluent, Female
The Psychology of Sharing
Five Myths About Mobile Advertising To Doctors
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