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Tyler Loechner is a MediaPost Reporter covering real-time, programmatic, RTB and more. You can reach Tyler at

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  • Sharethrough Intros Algorithmic 'Quality Scoring' Into Bid Decisioning in RTBlog on 04/16/2015

    Sharethrough, a supply-side platform (SSP) for native advertising, has announced the introduction of a new algorithm through which every piece of content will run before being delivered. The "quality filtering" algorithm -- dubbed the Content Quality Score -- is meant to grade the quality of the content of the native ad before it's served to the publisher's site.

  • Real-Time With MRC's Gunzerath On Viewability in RTBlog on 04/21/2015

    Viewability remains a hot topic, and who better to discuss it with than the Media Rating Council (MRC), creators of the standard definition of viewability -- 50% of the ad being in-view for at least one second -- most use today. But despite the MRC lifting the gates on viewability as a currency last year, it appears marketers have yet to see viewability rates rise -- at least not in any significant way. Real-Time Daily caught up with David Gunzerath of the MRC to discuss the crucial subject.

  • Get Humans More Involved In The Programmatic Process: Real-Time With MultiView's Maitland in RTBlog on 04/20/2015

    At the Programmatic Insider Summit last month, Bret Leece, local chief analytics officer at Initiative, noted that programmatic is changing the nature of relationships between buyers and sellers, because once the programmatic technologies kick into gear, "it gets objective really fast." Leece contended that programmatic tech has flipped the ratio as it relates to reliance on human gut versus machine processing. But Real-Time Daily spoke with Ben Maitland, EVP of sales and marketing at MultiView, who believes the programmatic process needs more human creativity, not less.

  • Matomy Buys 70% Of Ad Targeting, Email Marketing Firm Avenlo in Real-Time Daily on 04/15/2015

    Matomy Media Group, a supply-side platform (SSP) headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Wednesday announced it has acquired 70% of Avenlo, a Toronto-based ad targeting and email marketing firm. Matomy has the option to acquired the remaining 30% over the next three years.

  • The Trade Desk, TubeMogul Plug Into WideOrbit's Programmatic TV Marketplace in Real-Time Daily on 04/15/2015

    On the heels of the launch of WideOrbit's programmatic TV marketplace, some of the demand-side platform (DSP) partners are now being named. WO Programmatic TV is a marketplace where buyers and sellers can trade local broadcast TV inventory via programmatic, and it was announced earlier this week. Demand-side partners -- not initially named -- include The Trade Desk and TubeMogul

  • WPP Buys Mobile Ad Attribution Firm Medialets in Real-Time Daily on 04/15/2015

    WPP continues to invest in the ad technology world, as the holding company on Wednesday announced it has acquired Medialets, a mobile ad firm with attribution technology. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Post-acquisition, Medialets will continue to operate as a standalone business, per Eric Litman, chairman and CEO of Medialets. WPP will "significantly" invest in Medialets, Litman said.

  • Under Half Of Video Ads In 2014 Were Viewable in RTBlog on 04/15/2015

    Vindico, a Viant company and digital video ad platform, recently released its 2014 Annual Report, zeroing in on the topic of viewability. Vindico notes that the overall viewability rate of digital video ads was 45% last year, representing only a slight improvement over the 43% rate from 2013. The "improvement" is even less impressive when considering that Vindico was using an even lower bar to measure viewability in 2013.

  • iHeartMedia CEO Pittman: Programmatic Will Improve Radio Sales in Around the Net in Real-Time on 04/15/2015

    Regarding iHeartMedia's recent decision to sell radio ads programmatically, Radio Ink has reported that iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman said, "While programmatic is the talk of the town these days, there are still many people who simply don't understand what it is or how it works."

  • Correction: Pandora Not Using Adsmovil Mobile Ad Exchange in Real-Time Daily on 04/15/2015

  • Marketo Wants To Introduce 'Mar Tech' To 'Ad Tech' in RTBlog on 04/14/2015

    Marketo, a leader in the marketing automation space, this week announced partnerships with two ad tech companies -- Rocket Fuel and Turn -- to help bridge the gap between marketing automation and programmatic advertising.

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  • 'Booby-Trapped' Ad Delivered Via RTB Reveals The Ever Evolving World Of Ad Fraud by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 04/14/2015)

    Hi Shilpi. Thanks for reading and for the comment. Malwarebytes has the Cryptoware removal instructions on their site -- maybe they have preventative tips as well if you poke around.I'm checking on a full list of sites and will post here if I learn more. But as noted in the article, the full extent of this attack is not known.

  • The Expanding Programmatic TV Marketplace by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 04/06/2015)

    @Ed, thanks for the comment. Perhaps it's better categorized as "data-driven TV buying." You could argue that has always been the case too, however. It's using first- and/or third-party audience data to see which avails to buy. It also lets marketers adjust campaigns faster based on fresh data (at least I've been told). Of course, the algorithms may suggest they buy inventory they would have bought anyway based on years of TV buying experience.

  • Sovrn Introduces New Video Ad Units To Balloon Programmatic Supply by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 03/31/2015)

    @francine -- i have not looked into that? Did you recently introduce the video ad units, and did you make them available for programmatic buying? If so, that simply adds to the trend that's occurring right now — the industry is giving suppliers more options to keep pace with the demand.

  • Adform Guarantees Viewability With New Tech by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 02/23/2015)

    @Tomas, looking further...stay tuned...

  • Fit To Print: Target Buys Time Print Ads Via Programmatic by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 02/10/2015)

    Ari -- print ads are being bought programmatically in this case via MediaMath's platform. Additionally, the audience that reads the magazine can be identified and targeted (again) via online display.

  • CEOs Not Seeing Big Picture On 'Big Data' by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 01/27/2015)

    Hey Gautam. Per the release: "The survey was conducted in the autumn of 2014. It reached 362 respondents: 47 percent from North America, 26 percent from Asia-Pacific, and 27 percent from Europe. Respondents held a variety of functional roles: 29 percent were in general management, while 16 percent were in finance, 16 percent in marketing and sales, and 14 percent in strategy and business development, among others. Fifteen percent of respondents were chief executives or presidents, 29 percent were in other C-level roles, 25 percent were managing directors, executive directors or heads of business units, and 31 percent were vice president, senior vice presidents, or directors."

  • Mobile Programmatic Spend Explodes On AppNexus, Up 500% YoY by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 06/05/2014)

    Howie, I do see what you're saying, but there are other figures AppNexus claimed that show that marketers are doing a more than just going from $1 in spend to $5 in mobile. (The # of available impressions, # of campaigns, etc.) I agree with you though that if the quality doesn't improve, we will likely see these high-growth figures sputter.

  • A Profile Of The Cross-Device User by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 06/06/2014)

    Howie: thanks for the comment. I found it interesting that only 60% of users go with the same system for phone/tablet. That shows that they aren't looking for the same experience on all their screens -- perhaps that translates to ads, too? Something to think about. (yes, 60% is still the majority, but it's not an overwhelming majority).

  • Starbucks Turned Me Down, So Dunkin' Won My Data by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 02/17/2014)

    On the personal side, it was demographic. No email or name, though I suppose it's attached to my name via the receipt, but that would take some manual labor to find

  • Starbucks Turned Me Down, So Dunkin' Won My Data by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 02/17/2014)

    @Mike -- i did fill it out with factual info, but most of it was about my trip. "How would you rate your satisfaction?" .... "How would you rate the taste?" .... "What could be improved?" .... only a few questions at the end about my age group, gender, ethnicity, etc.

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