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Tyler Loechner is a MediaPost Reporter covering real-time, programmatic, RTB and more. You can reach Tyler at

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  • A+E Networks Joins FourFronts Programmatic Marketplace in Real-Time Daily on 03/04/2015

    A+E Networks on Wednesday announced it has joined FreeWheel's FourFronts programmatic marketplace, a "programatic direct" marketplace of sorts that allows advertisers and publishers to reserve digital video ad inventory using advanced targeting.

  • Integral Ad Science Acquires Video Measurement Firm Veenome in Real-Time Daily on 03/04/2015

    Digital ad measurement firm Integral Ad Science on Wednesday announced it has acquired Veenome, a video ad measurement firm. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Scott Knoll, CEO of Integral, told 'Real-Time Daily' that Veenome's technology is "very complementary" to Integral's existing stack.

  • Where Are The Women In Ad Tech? in RTBlog on 03/04/2015

    Denise Colella, CEO of digital ad tech firm Maxifier, was curious: How many female ad tech leaders are there? Colella worked her way up the chain at Maxifier after joining the company in 2011 as chief revenue officer. She was later promoted to president before being named CEO in the fall of 2013. As a female ad tech leader herself, she felt she didn't run into too many others. So she dug up the LUMAscape chart and began looking up each company's leadership teams and board members (if they could be found).

  • Nielsen Acquires DMP eXelate, Enters Programmatic Audience-Buying Marketplace in Real-Time Daily on 03/04/2015

    In a move that sends a powerful signal about the future of data-based audience targeting, Nielsen this morning announced a deal to acquire eXelate, a leading data management platform used by the digital programmatic media-buying marketplace. The deal has huge implications for integrating audience-based programmatic digital media-buying logic into the company that still represents the purest play currency for traditional media-buying (TV ratings), and which has been tentacling into digital vis its Online Campaign Ratings and various cross-platform offerings. It's also a significant hedge for Nielsen should data-based targeting someday usurp sample-based measurement planning and buying.

  • DataXu, Adobe, Among FBX 'Shadow Partners' in Around the Net in Real-Time on 03/03/2015

    Facebook removed over a dozen companies from its official Facebook Exchange (FBX) partner list the other week, but several non-listed companies still have access to the exchange.

  • USA Today Sports Signs Programmatic For The Offseason in Around the Net in Real-Time on 03/03/2015

    AdExchanger on Tuesday highlighted USA Today Sports Media Group's use of programmatic ad technologies, noting that the Gannett-owned publisher uses programmatic sales to "pick up the slack" when sporting events aren't headlining the news.

  • SSP Altitude Digital Launches Mobile Video Platform in Real-Time Daily on 03/03/2015

    Altitude Digital, a supply-side platform (SSP) for video, on Tuesday announced it has entered the mobile world with the launch of a new, mobile-focused video ad platform. Altitude Digital appears to be entering the programmatic mobile video space at a time of rapid growth.

  • Former iSocket CTO Bunch Joins Xaxis in Real-Time Daily on 03/03/2015

    Xaxis, WPP's programmatic media-buying unit, on Tuesday announced the appointment of Karl Bunch as VP of global product development. Xaxis is bringing Bunch on board to focus on demand side operations, including tools for audience buying, optimization, reporting, analytics and campaign planning, per a release.

  • In-Stream Video Dominates Engagement, Completion Rates, Says PointRoll Report in RTBlog on 03/03/2015

    PointRoll, a Gannett company, has released its 2014 benchmarks report. Over 100 billion ad impressions -- which were both programmatically and traditionally traded -- were analyzed for the report, which intends to "explore the ways that advertisers successfully piqued the interest of their target audiences."

  • Mobile Ad Tech Firm Vserv Raises $11M in Real-Time Daily on 03/03/2015

    Verve, a Mumbai, India-based mobile ad platform, on Tuesday announced it has raised $11 million in funding from Maverick Capital Ventures, the venture capital arm of Maverick Capital.

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  • Adform Guarantees Viewability With New Tech by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 02/23/2015)

    @Tomas, looking further...stay tuned...

  • Fit To Print: Target Buys Time Print Ads Via Programmatic by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 02/10/2015)

    Ari -- print ads are being bought programmatically in this case via MediaMath's platform. Additionally, the audience that reads the magazine can be identified and targeted (again) via online display.

  • CEOs Not Seeing Big Picture On 'Big Data' by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 01/27/2015)

    Hey Gautam. Per the release: "The survey was conducted in the autumn of 2014. It reached 362 respondents: 47 percent from North America, 26 percent from Asia-Pacific, and 27 percent from Europe. Respondents held a variety of functional roles: 29 percent were in general management, while 16 percent were in finance, 16 percent in marketing and sales, and 14 percent in strategy and business development, among others. Fifteen percent of respondents were chief executives or presidents, 29 percent were in other C-level roles, 25 percent were managing directors, executive directors or heads of business units, and 31 percent were vice president, senior vice presidents, or directors."

  • Mobile Programmatic Spend Explodes On AppNexus, Up 500% YoY by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 06/05/2014)

    Howie, I do see what you're saying, but there are other figures AppNexus claimed that show that marketers are doing a more than just going from $1 in spend to $5 in mobile. (The # of available impressions, # of campaigns, etc.) I agree with you though that if the quality doesn't improve, we will likely see these high-growth figures sputter.

  • A Profile Of The Cross-Device User by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 06/06/2014)

    Howie: thanks for the comment. I found it interesting that only 60% of users go with the same system for phone/tablet. That shows that they aren't looking for the same experience on all their screens -- perhaps that translates to ads, too? Something to think about. (yes, 60% is still the majority, but it's not an overwhelming majority).

  • Starbucks Turned Me Down, So Dunkin' Won My Data by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 02/17/2014)

    On the personal side, it was demographic. No email or name, though I suppose it's attached to my name via the receipt, but that would take some manual labor to find

  • Starbucks Turned Me Down, So Dunkin' Won My Data by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 02/17/2014)

    @Mike -- i did fill it out with factual info, but most of it was about my trip. "How would you rate your satisfaction?" .... "How would you rate the taste?" .... "What could be improved?" .... only a few questions at the end about my age group, gender, ethnicity, etc.

  • The Super Social Bowl by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 01/27/2014)

    Pete -- Good question. The following is purely my opinion. I think it adds experience as a whole. From my personal experiences, reading tweets/social posts during a game adds a new element. Something funny was tweeted about something we all just saw? I'll read it out loud and everyone will get a laugh.

  • Omaha! Omaha! How Bud Light Accidentally Caught A Touchdown From Peyton Manning by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 01/12/2014)

    Hey Charles -- thanks for the comment. Actually, numerous quarterbacks say "Omaha" before snapping the ball, Peyton Manning included. His brother Eli is another that says "Omaha." Tom Brady used to say "Omaha" before snapping the ball, but now he says "Alpha"

  • Omaha! Omaha! How Bud Light Accidentally Caught A Touchdown From Peyton Manning by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 01/12/2014)

    Update: Late last night Bud Light's account, @budlight, posted a short Vine video on Twitter and promoted it to take advantage of Manning's comments.

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