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Tyler Loechner is a MediaPost Reporter covering real-time, programmatic, RTB and more. You can reach Tyler at

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  • Taps OpenX For Programmatic Selling in Real-Time Daily on 05/28/2015

    For publishers looking to open up inventory to programmatic buyers, "X" marks the spot. on Thursday partnered with OpenX, a supply-side platform (SSP) for programmatic trading. Patch will use OpenX as its first-look provider for ad serving and monetization across its 900-plus sites, per a release.

  • AppLift Acquires Mobile DSP Bidstalk in Real-Time Daily on 05/28/2015

    AppLift, a mobile app marketing platform, on Thursday announced it has acquired Bidstalk, a mobile demand-side platform (DSP). Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Bidstalk's DSP technology will be integrated into AppLift's mobile app marketing platform, dubbed DataLift. The acquisition beefs up AppLift's ad tech stack, as it now has a data management platform (DMP) in DataLift and a real-time bidding (RTB) ad-buying platform in Bidstalk, all of which can be used on a self-serve basis.

  • Is The Novelty Of Programmatic Wearing Off? in RTBlog on 05/28/2015

    Is the novelty of programmatic wearing off? Programmatic is going anywhere -- and the topic still piques the interest of buyers, sellers and everyone in between -- but some of that rose-colored tint could be fading. A recent report from the Winterberry Group and Direct Marketing Association (DMA) notes that enthusiasm about the future of data-driven marketing is at its lowest point in two years.

  • Data-Driven Spending Grows Despite Tempered Expectations in Real-Time Daily on 05/27/2015

    Marketers continue to invest more and more in Big Data. Over one-third of marketers (37.5%) increased their expenditures on data-driven campaigns during the first quarter of 2015 compared to the final quarter of 2014, according to a new Winterberry Group study. Nearly half (47.7%) of marketers said their data-driven marketing spend remained level during those two quarters.

  • VivaKi, Post-Reshuffle in Around the Net in Real-Time on 05/27/2015

    Publicis Groupe decentralized VivaKi, its agency trading desk, earlier this year, and "it did so to capitalize on the increasing performance of programmatic," AdExchanger writes, citing VivaKi CEO Stephan Beringer.

  • Nielsen Scoops Up Neuromarketing Research Firm Innerscope in Around the Net in Real-Time on 05/27/2015

    Nielsen has acquired neuromarketing researching company Innerscope Research for an undisclosed sum, Advertising Age has reported. "Founded in 2006 by neuroscientist Dr. Carl Marci and MIT alum Brian Levine, Innerscope uses biometrics such as brain scans and galvanic skin response to measure subconscious emotional responses to media and marketing," writes Advertising Age.

  • The Ace Up Its Sleeve: AOL Used Programmatic Tech As Key Bargaining Chip With Verizon in Real-Time Daily on 05/26/2015

    There are many facets to, and implications of, Verizon's recent $4.4 billion acquisition of AOL, but a new "Schedule 14D-9" statement filed to the U.S. SEC sheds some light on what really went down as the two companies negotiated a deal. Much of the other coverage of the recently released statement highlights the fact that AOL had three other suitors for a possible acquisition. But also woven into the statement is the nugget that AOL used its Platforms unit, headlined by its programmatic ad technology, as a major bargaining chip.

  • Ubimo Raises $7.5M For Self-Serve Programmatic Platform in Real-Time Daily on 05/26/2015

    Ubimo, a mobile ad tech firm headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Tuesday announced it has closed a $7.5 million Series B round of funding. The round was led by Pitango Venture Capital, a large Israel-based venture capital firm. OurCrowd and Yahoo Japan Capital also participated in the round. It serves as Yahoo Japan's first investment in an Israeli startup.

  • The Catch-22 Of Programmatic In-Housing in RTBlog on 05/26/2015

    Brand marketers are putting programmatic to good use, but they may not be putting it to use well. Just under half (40%) of programmatic spending goes toward branding campaigns, per a new Econsultancy report produced in partnership with Quantcast, but there are some barriers preventing even more investment. The finer details of the "barriers" are below, but here's the connective tissue: Marketers are still unsure how they should carry out programmatic campaigns. This creates a problem, because it's one thing to use the technology, but it's another thing entirely to use it the right way.

  • Netmining Partners With Moat For Analytics in Real-Time Daily on 05/26/2015

    Programmatic ad platform Netmining on Tuesday announced a partnership with analytics firm Moat to beef up its reporting capabilities. "We have found that more of our clients are looking for a deeper view on their metrics -- specifically engagement metrics beyond the click," stated Christopher Hansen, president of Netmining.

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  • Marketers Investing In More Audience Data; Expenditure Up 37% In U.S. by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 05/21/2015)

    Ed -- here's the response from their CEO, Kevin Tan: "Eyeota is a third-party audience targeting data supplier, therefore the Eyeota Index reflects the use of third-party audience data worldwide. While there are different types of audience data, the Eyeota Index reflects audience data that is used for targeting of digital advertising campaigns worldwide."     He added: "We have attempted to only include insights where we have a strong foothold in market or for the mentioned sector. Where relevant, we have validated any major upticks in our Eyeota Growth and Price Indices as being caused by newcomers to audience data."

  • Marketers Investing In More Audience Data; Expenditure Up 37% In U.S. by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 05/21/2015)

    Hey Ed, I will definitly reach out on this. They are in Singapore right now so probably won't hear back until tomorrow, though.And I agree that it's easier to register large upticks when you start at zero, but none of these upticks were so large (most were in the double-digit range) that it detracted from the premise, in my opinoin.You are definitly right though -- and the concept was addressed in the report; the more advanced markets (i.e. those that have been investing in audience data for longer) were still boosting spend, just not as quickly as the others.I'll keep you posted here.

  • Calling All Video Ad-Buying Humans: You Should View This by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 05/11/2015)

    @Ed thanks for reading.I think it's a useful bit of research. I understood the quartile bit of the report to simply show that what TubeMogul/Integral found in terms of "what's the best metric to optimize against" rang true even if the ad was not fully completed.

  • Brought To You By The Consumers: TripleLift, Sticky Uncover Preferred Native Ad Disclosures by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 05/04/2015)

    @David -- it's just as likely SPONORED would be a new acronym. Image has been updated!

  • 'Booby-Trapped' Ad Delivered Via RTB Reveals The Ever Evolving World Of Ad Fraud by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 04/14/2015)

    Hi Shilpi. Thanks for reading and for the comment. Malwarebytes has the Cryptoware removal instructions on their site -- maybe they have preventative tips as well if you poke around.I'm checking on a full list of sites and will post here if I learn more. But as noted in the article, the full extent of this attack is not known.

  • The Expanding Programmatic TV Marketplace by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 04/06/2015)

    @Ed, thanks for the comment. Perhaps it's better categorized as "data-driven TV buying." You could argue that has always been the case too, however. It's using first- and/or third-party audience data to see which avails to buy. It also lets marketers adjust campaigns faster based on fresh data (at least I've been told). Of course, the algorithms may suggest they buy inventory they would have bought anyway based on years of TV buying experience.

  • Sovrn Introduces New Video Ad Units To Balloon Programmatic Supply by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 03/31/2015)

    @francine -- i have not looked into that? Did you recently introduce the video ad units, and did you make them available for programmatic buying? If so, that simply adds to the trend that's occurring right now — the industry is giving suppliers more options to keep pace with the demand.

  • Adform Guarantees Viewability With New Tech by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 02/23/2015)

    @Tomas, looking further...stay tuned...

  • Fit To Print: Target Buys Time Print Ads Via Programmatic by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 02/10/2015)

    Ari -- print ads are being bought programmatically in this case via MediaMath's platform. Additionally, the audience that reads the magazine can be identified and targeted (again) via online display.

  • CEOs Not Seeing Big Picture On 'Big Data' by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 01/27/2015)

    Hey Gautam. Per the release: "The survey was conducted in the autumn of 2014. It reached 362 respondents: 47 percent from North America, 26 percent from Asia-Pacific, and 27 percent from Europe. Respondents held a variety of functional roles: 29 percent were in general management, while 16 percent were in finance, 16 percent in marketing and sales, and 14 percent in strategy and business development, among others. Fifteen percent of respondents were chief executives or presidents, 29 percent were in other C-level roles, 25 percent were managing directors, executive directors or heads of business units, and 31 percent were vice president, senior vice presidents, or directors."

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