• Gen Z Gets Down To Business
    The oldest members of Gen Z are still in college, and most haven't had more serious employment than summer jobs. Yet, the next generation is already on employers' radars. They might be planning ahead and thinking about how they will work with Gen Z because they had such a difficult time adapting to Gen Y.
  • How Student Debt Affects Business And What Brands Can Do About It
    As students head back to school, a recent hot topic has been student loans. As these staggering stats show, the issue is reaching a crisis point.
  • Two Must-Haves for Effective Teen Marketing
    MTV believes that, in order to reach teens effectively, you must "immerse yourself in their reality: in their music, in their art, in the things that they read. And if you see it or approach it any other way, and approach it as an anonymous, faceless, homogenous target market, then you will fail." You've read it here in past posts.
  • Travel With Teens
    Summer is, sadly, drawing to its close. I was pretty late in taking a vacation this year (in fact, I'm actually on vacation now). As I was getting set to head out, I decided that for this month's piece I'd look at traveling with teens - what worked, what didn't and the kinds of things marketers might want to think about for reaching teens on the go.
  • Gen Y Perplexed By Teens' Love Of Shop Jeen
    As every young generation grows up, it eventually finds itself on the outside of pop culture looking on in a state of confusion as a new generation rises to put its own stamp on society. Certain signifiers solidify this feeling among the older cohort-think, for example, of Gen Xers' love for Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" that Boomers simply couldn't understand or Millennials' passion for YouTube celebrities that Xers still don't quite get. These inflection points mark the beginning of a changing of the guard among the keepers of youth culture. Millennials, the oldest of whom are well into their ...
  • Engaging Teens And Young Adults At A Time Of Economic Uncertainty
    Economic crises have dominated this summer's news cycle. The European Union has been in back-and-forth conversations with Greece, which is in technical default on its debts. In China, the stock market has entered the largest bubble since the dot-com era. And Puerto Rico is also in danger of defaulting on its debt.
  • Does Marketing To Teens Mean That We Are Manipulating Teens?
    Researching for a recent posting, I was once again reminded just how many people think we have treacherous intentions when it comes to youth marketing. We all know there's a stigma around anyone trying to influence consumer behavior. But it gets downright ugly when applied to children.
  • Unplugged
    Generation Z, those born in and after 1995, will never know a life without computers, tablets, nor cellphones. They're 23 million and growing strong. Pew Research Center surveyed teens ages 13 to 17 and found the following.
  • The Teens They Are A-Changin'
    One of the easiest traps to fall into when thinking about teens is to think back to your own teen years for guidance or inspiration. Those halcyon days of yesteryear may be wonderful to reflect on and reminisce about with friends but, trust me, they aren't going to help you understand the current crop of teens. Why? Because the teen experience changes all the time.
  • The Retail Revolution
    Not so long ago, when a teen decided he needed a new pair of sneakers, the first step in his process would be to plan a trip to the mall. Today, teens' path to purchase for nearly any product, from buying shoes to picking a restaurant, is increasingly diverging from traditional retail processes. Technology has had an obvious impact on young people's shopping habits, but so have key shifts in consumer mindset.
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