AI & IoT Daily Editions for December 2015
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015
The Internet of Things By The Numbers: The Year-End View
Grocery Store Chain Links Beacons, Music For Coupons
Growth Of Wearables Market Brings Security Challenges
University Bans All Smartwatches From Exams
Drone Registration Requirement Starts Next Week
Bauer Becomes First Radio Station To Launch On Apple TV
Dell Sees Data Changing Advertising Through IoT In 2016
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015
228 Million Wearables To Ship; 13% of Households To Own A Consumer Robot
Cycling Race Adds Sensors To Bikes To Send Spectators Information
Beacons Guide Students At College Campus
Revised Apple Watch Coming In April, Says Report
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Kicks Off Connected Bottle NFC Trial
Voice Control Added For Internet Of Things Products
Affinity At First Sight
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Dec. 14, 2015
The Internet Of Things By The Percentages: The Year-End View
Tag Heuer Marketing Drives Increase In Smartwatch Sales
Mozilla Drops Firefox OS, Changes To IoT Focus
Designers Focus On Internet-Enabled Products
Star Wars Features Internet Of Things Tech
Socks That Communicate With Computer Created
OpenAI Attracts $1 Billion Investment To Advance Digital Intelligence
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Dec. 11, 2015
Marketing In The Internet Of Many Moving Parts
Lowe's Marketing Smart Home App To Track Santa
Internet Of Things Seen Changing Content Marketing
Connected Objects, AI Could Replace Smartphones, Says Survey
Retailer Opens To Sell Only IoT Products
$44 Billion Expected From Connected Devices
McKinney's High Tech Santa Beard Forces You to Be Jolly During the Holiday Season
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015
Internet Of Things Holiday Sales: 50 Million Smart Objects
Next Generation Apple Watch Coming In March, Says Report
Warning That Connected Toys Could Be Used As Spying Devices
More Connected Cars, Wearable Devices, Smart Cities Seen For 2016.
Smartscooter Connects Riders Through Smartphones
Businesses Cautioned On IoT Security Issues
A New Definition Of Order
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015
Beacon-Triggered Coupons to Hit 1.6 Billion a Year
Absolut Plans to Turn Bottles into Media Platform
TV, IoT Role Seen in Cross-Device Targeting
Smart Parking Control Service Launching
Apple Relents, Adds Smart Battery Case
Sensors in Desk Chairs Controlling Temperature
Location Data Fine-Tuned To Aid Advertisers
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015
Smart Homes of Early Adopters: 72% Climate Control, 53% Security, 52% Audio Video
Target Starts Marketing More Smart Devices in Concept Store
Hype, Security Seen As Internet of Things Issues
Smart Home Consumers Advised to Start Small
Net-Connected Shower Marketed As Water Saver
Robot Created for Last Mile of Consumer Deliveries
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Dec. 7, 2015
Smart Homes Growing to 339 Million Next Year
R/GA Builds New Connected Office; Includes 8,000 Smart Bulbs
Target Taps Networked Lights to Lead Consumers, Says Report
Apple Patents Wearable, Fabric Strap that Acts As Display
Ralph Lauren Tries RFID Dressing Room Mirrors for Shoppers
Talking Bus Stops, Sensors in Parks Backed
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Dec. 4, 2015
Beacons and Smart Homes: It's All About the Value
Creators to Start Marketing Smart Dress Early Next Year
British Airways Expands Apple Watch Support
Beacons Deployed at University for Student Navigation
Another Android Smartwatch Soon to Be Marketed
Standard for Beacon-Driven Indoor Navigation Being Built
'Wall Street Journal' Launches New Magazine 'The Future Of Everything'
The Connected Sky: Inflight Entertainment
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015
21 Million Wearables Ship, Up 198%
Apple Patent Application Shows How to Use Beacons to Track iPhones for Advertisers
Denver Companies Marketing IoT Holiday Gifts
New Internet of Things Chip Is Thin As Blade of Grasa
HP Marketing New Invention for Customers to Aggregate, Analyze Data
Humans Seen As Needed to Sort out Big Data Insights
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