AI & IoT Daily Editions for April 2016
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, April 15, 2016
Google's Eddystone Beacons Up The Ante
Retailers Look To Internet Of Things To Help Drive Business
Internet Of Things Used To Track Billboard Performance
Researchers Converting Clothes To Become Part Of IoT
Company To Start Marketing IoT Sensors For Rugby Players
U.S. Government Wants To Get Involved In IoT
Google Wants To Target Your Life
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, April 14, 2016
100 Billion Connected Devices Coming; U.S. Tops In Connectivity
Apple Watch Sales Projected To Dip
Company Marketing Video Doorbell Backed By $100 Million
Ford CEO Details Connected Car Strategy
NFL Team's New Stadium Fitted With 2,000 Beacons To Guide Fans
Samsung Marketing Virtual Reality Minus The Headset
Sling TV Launches New Multistream Service
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Connected Consumers: 55% Own Fitbit, 28% Nest Thermostat, 23% Apple Watch
Beacons On Beer Taps Lead To Mobile Messaging
Connected Toothbrush Adds Subscription Model
Now IoT Featured In Intel Reality TV Show
54% Of Retailers See Impact From Internet Of Things
Fitbit Shows Off How 'Strong' It Can Be
Disrupt Your Own Future Like Jaguar Or Prepare To Be The Next Kodak
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, April 12, 2016
46% Say Connected Home Devices Too Expensive, Better Be Reliable
Smart Contact Lens Could Take Photo With Blink Of An Eye
Virtual Reality Marketing Moves To The Mall
Connected Car Tested To Run In The Dark
Nationwide Develops Banking Security App That Recognises How People Hold And Swipe
Countries Join To Check Internet Of Things Privacy
Consumers Still Wary Of Wearables
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, April 11, 2016
Negative Options Rule In The Internet Of Things
Caution Issued On Health Of Fitness Tracking
Company To Start Marketing Internet Of Things Sofa, Stools
Issues With Google Nest Could Dampen Consumer Interest In Smart Objects
Email App Spark Has Been Updated For Watch OS 2
Volvo To Test Autonomous Driving Cars With Consumers
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, April 8, 2016
70% In US Concerned About Privacy In Internet Of Things
Beacons Tapped For Coachella Music Festival
John Lewis Opens Department Store Just For Internet Of Things
Google Shuts Smart Home Hub, To Deactivate Buyers
Bentley Shows Connected Car Of Future, With Virtual Butler
Australians Networking Homes Twice Rate Of US
IBM Introduces Wearable Apps For The Masters Tourney
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, April 7, 2016
8% Of Businesses Tapping Internet Of Things Data
Brands Teaming With Home Assistants
Beacons Now Used For Tracking Gym, Apartment Buildings
Microsoft Moves To Better Voice Activation In The Home
Intel Acquires Company To Boost IoT Products
China Looks To Leap Connected Car Competition
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Meet The Connected Agency
This Connected Experience Is Pretty Chill, Comes In Cherry Too
8 'Jaw-Dropping' Reasons IoT Will Be Huge
Sensors Could Add $4,000 To Price Of A Car
John Lewis Launches New Accelerator Programme
Security Issues Found In 4 More IoT Devices
Lono Bringing IoT To Front Lawns Everywhere
CMOs Will Become Customer Experience Officers Within Four Years
Vasona Networks Raises $14.6 Million To Grow Video, Data
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, April 1, 2016
54% Would Share Smart Home Habits For Money, 47% For Coupons, Discounts
Sensors Could Add $4,000 To Price Of A Car
Dyson Starts Marketing 'Smart' Air Purifier
BMW Looks To Link Smart Home With Connected Car
Security Issues Found In 4 More IoT Devices
IoT Market Size Projected To $1.8 Trillion By 2022
4 ConAgra Brands Among New Amazon Dash Button Launches
Google Brings Immersive VR Content To Apple iPhone
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