AI & IoT Daily Editions for February 2019
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019
Driverless Cars Still Require Human Intervention
AT&T Adds Chicago, Minneapolis To 5G Deployment
GM, Amazon Buy Into New Automaker
Mayo Clinic Expands First-Aid Voice Feature To Google Assistant
Brexit A Bigger Worry Than GDPR To UK IT Teams
AI Projected To Be The 'Word' Of 2019, 'Transparency' Dominates 2018
AI And Email Marketing: You Also Need The Human Touch
Amazon Launching 'Moments' Marketing Tool
Washington Privacy Bill Resembles The GDPR, Could Change Landscape
Slack Launches Block Kit
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019
Wearable Shipments Pass 100 Million Devices
Kroger Intros Own Mobile Payment System
Self-Driving Truck Company Raises $95 Million
Apple Sued Over 'Coercive' Security
Reddit Raises $300 Million In New Funding Round Led By Tencent
'Forbes' Launches Blockchain Newsletter Aimed At Potential Crypto Investors
Search And Assistants Slowly Become Vocal, Estimated To Hit 8B By 2023
Why The OpenRTB Does NOT Violate The GDPR
Will Google And Facebook CMA Probe Focus On GDPR?
Washington Privacy Bill Resembles The GDPR, Could Change Landscape
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019
Flying Taxis Draw Consumer Support, Concerns
8 Billion Digital Voice Assistants Projected By 2023
Smartwatch Sales Increase 61% In A Year
McClatchy Studios Adds Virtual Reality Component To Series On Texas And Football
China Rotting Apple's Bottom Line
Verizon Consumer Petition Aimed At Cities And State Government Says, 'Let's 5G!'
Blockchain Still Misunderstood By Many
Amazon Gets Itself Into A Very Fine Mesh With Eero Acquisition
Human Beats IBM AI In Debate
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Feb. 11, 2019
Retailers Deploy Virtual, Augmented Reality, Voice Assistants
Softbank Invests $940M In Driverless Delivery Startup Nuro
AI Company Raises $13M For Real-Time Sensors
Google Finds A Way To Use Augmented Reality In Maps
T-Mobile To Help Consumers Navigate 'Subscription-Palooza' Of OTT Services
Horizon Teams With Captiv8 To Battle Influencer Fraud
Don't Fear Artificial Intelligence, Vehicle Technology: It's There To Help
NY Tech Wins Big!
Dataphobia: Consumers Distrust Personalization, Survey Shows
Law Firm Warns Civil Claims Could Skyrocket Under GDPR
Tesla Doesn't Fit 'Automaker' Mold
Dixa Raises Cash In Series A Funding Round
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Feb. 8, 2019
City Residents See Autonomous Vehicles As Making Streets Safer
Samsung Launches Refrigerator Dating Feature
MGM Resorts Backs Predictive Gaming App For NBA Fans
Google Pays Out Millions To Squash Bugs
Personalization Firm DataSine Raises $5.2 Million
Amazon Granted Patent For Package Pickup On Buses
Ongage Partners With BEE To Offer Email Design Tool
Mailchimp Acquires Sawa, Atlanta-Based Graphic Design Startup
Ford Looks To Virtual Reality For Designing Cars
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019
Ford Tests Lighting For Autonomous Vehicles To Communicate With Pedestrians
Facial Recognition Coming In Android Smartphones: Report
25% Plan To Purchase Smart Doorbells, 24% Smart Light Bulbs
Amazon, Sequoia Capital Invest $530 Million In Self-Driving Startup
AT&T, NBA Form Broad Partnership, Dream Of 'Immersive Possibilities'
TensorFlow Helps Gmail Block 100 Million Spam Messages Per Day, Google Says
China Protects Consumers From Tech -- Even As It Monitors Them
U.S. Shoppers Still Deciding On Grocery Delivery
Forrester Explains Why We've Still Got Mail
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019
Advertising Coming To Connected Shelves In Grocery Stores
$10 Million Claim Filed In Uber Self-Driving Vehicle Fatality
Casper Intros Smart Nightlight
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth In Cars Seen As Security Risks
Self-Driving Cars To Be On U.K. Roads By 2021, Says Government
Snap's Revenues Hit $390M, User Engagement Stabilizing
Disney Outlines Future Of Streaming Efforts
Snap's Advertising Model Leading Company To Profitability
GDPR And Blockchain: The Opportunities And Dangers
7 Myths About Machine Learning
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019
Tech Spending Heading Into The Trillions
Warby Parker Adds AR Try-On Feature To Mobile App
Sony Launching 'Groundhog Day' VR Game
Self-Driving Truck Startup Raises $52 Million
Technical Issues Marred Super Bowl Stream For Some Roku Users
Google Facing New Battle Over Biometrics
UK Police Take Action On DDoS Criminals
How Six Brands Are Using Machine Learning To Drive Their Email
AI Users Face Regulatory Hurdles And a Learning Curve
Images Feed Search More Than Text, Study Finds
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Feb. 4, 2019
Driverless Cars Could Worsen Traffic By Cruising Around Instead Of Parking
Intel Drones Light Up Super Bowl Halftime Show
Lancome Intros AR Game Campaign For Chinese New Year
Gmail Inbox Features Reappear In Android
Why Google Now Faces A London GDPR Probe
What Alexa Updates Mean For Email Marketers
Cisco Calls For US Version Of GDPR
Minister Suggests No Smartphones At School
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Feb. 1, 2019
Consumer Robots On The Rise
IoT Consumer Market Projected To Hit $104 Billion By 2023
Facebook, Microsoft File AR Patents
Uber Explores Autonomous Bikes, Scooters
Intel Patent Projects Foldable Phone
Samsung Files Patent For New-Type Of VR Headset
People Attack Driverless Cars In Tempe
Foot Locker Tests Localized Store Experiences
Google+ Shuts Down April 2, All Data To Disappear
Uber Pulls Out Of Barcelona
Microsoft CEO Calls For GDPR-Type Law In U.S.
Uber Eats To Sponsor 'Love Island'
TalkTalk Email Service Restored After Outage
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