• Still Not Convinced About Personalised Emails?
    For marketers yet to be convinced by the power of personalisation, Forbes is claiming that a third of Amazon purchases are made through an algorithm that knows what you have bought in the past and what that means you are likely to want to buy going forward. The same for Netflix. It claims that 60% of shows are watched after being recommended to a viewer.
  • Email Shows Massive Growth In Salesforce Report
    According to research from Salesforce, reported on in "The Drum," B2C and B2B email use has grown 83% in the last two years.
  • DMA Warns GDPR Impact Is Global
    The Direct Marketing Association is reminding companies around the world that GDPR is not just for the EU -- it affects any company that wishes to market itself in the EU and to store EU citizens' data. Research has shown that many territories around the globe feel unprepared for next May's deadline.
  • Which UK Supermarkets Are Leading, And Failing, On Opt-In?
    Email marketers will find eConsultancy's look at ten UK supermarkets' stance on opt-in fascinating against a backdrop of GDPR being only a year away. Strategies vary, but surprisingly, some leading supermarkets do not even mention email when asking permission to market to individuals.
  • Why Are Brands Failing At Personalisation, And What Can Be Done?
    All email marketers know, they need to become more personal, yet many are failing to do so. Econsultancy has a guide to why personalisation is important and how to tackle the many roadblocks that prevent brands from making the brave leap.
  • Triggered Campaigns Will Keep Email Going Beyond Its 40th Birthday
    Email marketing is forty years old, and "Entrepreneur" has some tips for keeping it fresh and relevant, including triggered email campaigns, writing engaging copy and sending it at the right time of day.
  • Scheduled Sends And Receipt Checks Added To Outlook For Mac
    Microsoft has announced plans to update Outlook for Mac for Office 365 Subscribers with new feature including delivery tracking and scheduled sending, TechCrunch reports.
  • Alternatives To Giving Away Product For Sign-Ups
    You don't always have to give a free offer to get people to sign up to an email list, Business2Community insists. Other tactics can include entry into monthly prize draws, a free download of a white paper, early bird access to sales and a giveaway product accompanying a customer's first purchase.
  • How To Get Instagramers To Follow Your Email List
    Entrepreneur has some sage advice for turning Instagram followers in to email subscribers. Having a profile link that takes fans direct to a page where an email sign-up box is clearly displayed is one such tips, as is periodically reminding people they can sign up for regular email alerts. The reason is that sites can come and go and rules change, but an email list is yours.
  • Common Mistakes Stop Your Emails From Succeeding
    There are many reasons why your emails may not resonate with your lists, but Business2Community has a list of the most obvious. Emails with poor subject lines, that are not personalised, that do not tap into your audience's needs and are more about you than them top the list of mistakes that are best avoided.
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