• Watch Your Language, And Don't Patronise Or Insult Subscribers
    Implying that people are lazy or stupid if they're not interested in receiving your email newsletter is no way to start a relationship. And implying the same on your unsubscribe page if they go to opt out is a terrible way to try to keep a relationship.
  • Identify Your Supporters And Get Them In Your VIP Email Club
    "Obviously, your VIP list includes the usual suspects of regular customers. But have you thought about those that might not make frequent purchases but actively support you through referrals or shout-outs online? Tap into this audience and thank them for their support. And since they've already told you what works, ask them what could be improved."
  • How To Turn One-Time Buyers Into Regular Customers
    Content delivered to this group must accentuate the value of continuing to purchase from the retailer or brand. It is important to test subject lines that include some of the unique values the brand offers or that highlight a loyalty program to encourage additional purchases. In addition, personalization may be used based on recent browsing behavior to recommend similar products.
  • Calls To Action Are Vital For Email
    Outbound emails should have a single call-to-action. In most outbound scenarios, the desired call-to-action is an email reply. Email replies are the most direct and reliable way to gauge interest. The email should ask a single yes/no question: "Are you interested?" The details can be hashed out later. A simple "yes" means this person is now in your pipeline.
  • How Email Is Proving Fancy At Dressing Up Firm, GlamCorner
    There are few companies that can claim to have doubled their revenue in a year. But for online dress rental service GlamCorner, that milestone was achieved in the last four months alone, helped along by the Spring Racing carnival and an often-neglected form for digital marketing -- email. GlamCorner founder and CEO Dean Jones said email is one of the company's most profitable channels.
  • Sign-Offs Are As Important As Salutations
    Believe it or not, your email sign-offs are just as important as the greeting and everything in between. Think of it this way. When you go to say goodbye to someone you have recently met, do you say "goodbye," give a handshake or a hug? Depending on how you say goodbye, it could really give the other person mixed messages. And, maybe that's not a message you wanted to give.
  • The Gmail Trick For Filtering Email Better
    The average person sends and receives 140 emails a day, and spends six hours a day in their inbox. There is no alternative, so you have to grit your teeth and bear it. Luckily there are a few things you can do to lighten the load. Here's one trick in Gmail, that has the potential to transform how you manage your inbox: Use the + sign to create an infinite number of email addresses.
  • Email Central To Cross-Channel ID
    It all boils down to a unique, individual, digital identifier. This key point of identification can be anything from an email address to a phone number to a device ID -- as long as it can be associated across devices, browsers, and channels. So when a consumer abandons their cart on one device, it will automatically refill when the consumer returns on another, making the shopping experience seamless.
  • Q4 Email Volumes Spike, But So Do Open Rates
    The fourth quarter always dwarfs the others in number of emails sent, and often approaches double the amount of emails sent in the third quarter. There's a piece of good news that many overlook: open rates in the fourth quarter are 6%, which is the second-highest rate of the year. Your consumers are actually looking at those emails!
  • Polling Can Double Email Engagement Rates
    Higher engagement = lifts in click-through rates, read rates and higher overall revenue generated per email. While there's no magic email tactic for engagement, gamification - like live polling - comes pretty darn close. Live polling is a powerful way to get your subscriber's attention and drive real results. According to M2 Research, it can lead to a 100-150% lift in engagement.
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