• Publishers Turn To Email For Loyalty And Revenue
    The Drum reports on a new type of email platform that is allowing publishers to run content campaigns which drive up revenue and subscriptions, all through email.
  • GDPR And Digital Transformation Pose Major Post-Brexit Hurdles
    British companies will have to face up to new regulatory hurdles once Britain leaves the EU, "The Telegraph" is warning. It carries research that suggests GDPR is among the reasons why one in five businesses think digital transformation -- and ensuring they look after consumer data while protecting it from hackers -- is a key challenge in the next couple of years.
  • Drop The 'Mate' And Don't Say 'Hey'
    The business comment in today's "Times" might sound like the rants of an angry old man, but the writer does at least say that a straw poll of his office suggests that you're not on your own if you're fed up with brands calling you "buddy" on an email and if you just want work emails to be friendly but polite without a "hey" salutation or anyone before referred to as "mate."
  • Pub Chain Deletes Its Entire Email Database
    The British pub chain, J D Wetherspoons, has announced a surprise decision to delete is email list, "Wired" reports. The company said it no longer wishes to send out newsletters, but the site quotes experts who wonder whether it is an extreme form of repermissioning where the business has decided that it's better to start from scratch.
  • Don't Fight The Unsubscribers
    Some sage advice on unsubscribes from eConsultancy -- they are a fact of everyday life and brands shouldn't get caught up in trying to stop consumers from going. Instead, they should make it easy to leave a list and focus instead on learning what would make people want to stay.
  • The Three Email Ingredients For ROI
    Econsultancy has laid out the three watchwords for successful email. Campaigns, the site insists, now have to be mobile, automated and personal in order to deliver ROI.
  • Hijacked Parliamentary Email Accounts Go Phishing
    "The Sun" is claiming that not only was parliamentary cyber security weak enough to let hackers get access to email accounts, those email addresses have now begun to be used in phishing campaigns against the public.
  • AA Suffers Email Crash
    The AA has a breakdown of a different sort to attend to this week -- its own email servers. According to The Register, the recovery service's servers crashed after it suggested users should reset passwords. The rush caused a crash, prompting unwarranted fears that the organisation had been hacked.
  • Offers And Brand Image Drive Email Conversions
    What prompts email recipients to click through and convert? Well, according to research studied in MarketingProfs, the main influencers are good offers and a reputable brand image.
  • Weak Passwords Let Hackers Steal 90 Parliamentary Credentials
    Fewer than 1% of the Houses Of Parliament's 9,000 email addresses were compromised in Friday's cyberattack, a spokesperson has told the BBC. The expert believes weak passwords were the main differentiator between those who were compromised and those who were not.
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