• Nearly One In Four Companies Report Dropping GDPR Work
    A survey of IT professionals by Crown Records has shown that nearly one in four have stopped work on GDPR preparations. Furthermore, nearly half of the companies surveyed felt the rules might be scrapped and not apply to them.
  • No Business Is Too Small To Benefit From Email Marketing
    Freelancers and sole traders often forget about the power of email marketing, but "Entrepreneur" reminds us that a newsletter is a very effective way of building a solid online reputation.
  • Why Unsubscribers Aren't Such A Bad Thing
    Unsubscribers are not necessarily a bad thing because they can often be a sign that some people are not a proper fit for your messaging, according to BizReport. Far better to concentrate on nurturing good fits for your brand than fretting over people who unsubscribe, it suggests.
  • Closing Lines Just As Important As Openers
    All email marketers fret about intros and headers, but the way you sign off an email can be just as important, Chief Marketer reminds. Open, assumptive closing phrases such as "thanks in advance" are, for example, the most successful way of ensuring the recipient acts on the messaging they have just received.
  • Rushed Headers Are One Of Email's Seven Common Mistakes
    One of the seven main ways in which email campaigns can be "screwed up" is not paying enough attention to headers, according to "Search Engine Journal." Headlines of seven words or less that sound personalised but don't use a person's name are the best way forward, it surmises.
  • Consumers Are Fatigued By Email Retail Offers
    When it comes to retail offers, the public is fatigued, according to Marketing Land. It claims that emails without offers have the high engagement and loyalty-related subject lines perform better than those driven by an offer. If you are going to make an offer, those mentioning clear savings in percentage terms fare the best.
  • Sharing Exclusive Updates Can Keep Lists Engaged
    Sharing updates and offering exclusive previews of upcoming activity is one of seven ways that Small Business Trends advises brands they can keep a subscriber list engaged by making them feel they are getting something they wouldn't otherwise receive.
  • Marketing Automation Will Put Your Email Marketing On A Targeted Track
    Marketing automation allows companies to get the most out of their email marketing efforts by automatically targeting messages around where the consumer is in their lifecycle with the brand, Business2Community reports in a reminder of the power the tech can bring to digital marketing efforts.
  • Advice On Picking An Encrypted Email Provider
    Tech Republic believes a lot of people would benefit from encrypted email, but sometimes accounts can be difficult to set up. It claims the Secure My Email service is worthy of investigation for those looking to set up encrypted email with minimal fuss.
  • David Beckham Email Hack -- Katherine Jenkins Wants No Part In It
    Singer Katherine Jenkins has broken her silence on the David Beckham email hack in which he is reported to have made unsubstantiated comments about her personal life. She has spoken for the first time, only to reveal she would rather be kept out of the dialogue regarding the emails, which reputed to reveal Beckham's desire for a knighthood.
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