• Flybe And Honda Get Email Permissioning Fines
    Flybe and Honda have been fined more than GBP80,000 between them by the ICO for sending out unsolicited emails. The airline got the large fine after sending out emails to people who had asked not to be contacted. Honda got a smaller fine for emails that asked whether people wanted to hear from them over email but could not prove it had permission to do so.
  • The Secrets Behind Email Marketing's Massive Success Story
    "For over a decade now, email marketing has ruled the roost with a whopping 3800% return on investment. The reason email marketing campaigns are so lucrative is the capability to collect data on how users interact with the messages being delivered to their inbox." -- Business2Community on why email continues to provide the best ROI in digital marketing as it offers a guide to platforms.
  • Email Is Not Dead -- It's A Retailer's Dream
    Retailers need to be aware that email is far from dead, "Internet Retailing" reminds us. Not only is email an online ID that is invaluable for Internet retailers, but it has consistently proven to be the best-performing marketing channel for ROI.
  • Kinetic Research Shows Moving Email Performs The Best
    Kinetic emails are the way forward for boosting engagement, according to BizReport. It quotes Experian research -- suggesting that kinetic email, which can move click-to-open rates up 10% and boost unique click rates by 18%.
  • Permission Is Good For Manners, And Especially Business
    Asking permission isn't just good manners, it's good business. To prove the point, Business2Community.com quotes Campaign Monitor's mantra: "Businesses that get it right and build permission-based email lists enjoy high open and click-through rates on their campaigns, and are able to drive significant levels of sales and revenue from their email marketing initiatives."
  • Gmail Is The Answer To Deleted Addresses, 'Guardian' Says
    As EE tells millions of users the addresses they have been using for many years will soon be no more, "The Guardian" takes a look at the addresses of old that are no more. The answer? Having email forwarded isn't great, so the best bet is to set up on Gmail.
  • Don't Bury GDPR Permissions In The 'Small Print'
    With the new GDPR law coming into effect across the EU next May, "Marketing Tech News" is warning brands to be open and honest about consent. Burying options in the "small print" just won't cut it with consumers, it warns.
  • Tips On Getting Consumers To Open Your Emails
    A double opt-in, to make sure customers truly want to hear from you, followed up by a personal introduction are Marketing Land's top tips on encouraging subscribers to engage with marketing emails.
  • Experts Warn Of Latest Amazon Email Scam
    Amazon shoppers are being warned about a scam where fraudsters trick customers out of their personal details -- and then use their account to place orders or spend gift cards.
  • Key Email Trends To Look Out For In 2017
    A recent study found that email marketers were looking to spend the most time and budget on improving the relevance of emails. Looking to expand beyond simple dynamic content and personalisation, marketers are striving for that next step -- to change the content when each recipient opens an email.
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