• ICO Reminds Parties To Stay Legal On Email This Election
    The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is reminding political parties that their email communications with the electorate have to remain within the law. It follows complains from the last election. The data watchdog is reminding consumers they have a right to ask what their personal information will be used for before they part with it.
  • UK Dominates Top Spots In Dotmailer's League Table
    Dotmailer has released its "Hitting the Mark" report on who's getting email marketing right, and according to London Loves Business, it's good news for well-known British brands. Asos tops the charts with Asda, easyJet and John Lewis all sharing the third spot.
  • UK Businesses Getting Email Right, And Wrong
    Small business celebrates the success of British brands in Dotmailer's "Hitting The Spot" league table, but warns that many companies are still not getting the basics right. The site further quotes DMA figures that suggest getting on for one in two consumers report deleting emails because they receive too many, untargeted messages from brands.
  • Unroll.me Chief Exec 'Heartbroken' That Users Feel Betrayed
    "The Guardian" is reporting that that the chief executive of Unroll.me is "heartbroken" that users have discovered and felt betrayed by the service that was selling their data to the very services they had unsubscribed from.
  • Cambridge Professor Gets To The Bottom Of Annoying Emails
    A Professor at Cambridge University's Judge Business School has published his findings on what really annoys colleagues about one another's email habits. CC'ing in the boss is the biggest way of making your fellow workers distrust you, the BBC reports. Sending out email just to prove you're in the office or working late and boasting about achievements are other major gripes.
  • Developing More Eye-Catching Mobile-Friendly Campaigns
    MarTechAdvisor is encouraging email practitioners to keep abreast of developments in the channel so their messages can truly stand out in a crowded inbox. New features such as including animations, and ensuring campaigns are suited to mobile are two important considerations.
  • Don't Forget The Call To Action
    It may sound like pretty simple advice, but Business2Community reminds email marketers that there are three important steps to boost engagement -- the right subject, personalised offers, and the one that is often missed -- a compelling call to action.
  • Research Reveals Differing Company And Agency Email Priorities
    MarketingProfs highlights the finding of a recent eConsultancy and Adestra email research project, which shows that while marketers at companies want to focus on personalisation and automation, those based at agencies think they should be prioritising behavioural response marketing.
  • ICO Shares Feedback On GDPR Profiling In Brussels
    The ICO is blogging that as the "rapporteur" on drafting guidance for profiling under GDPR, its staff have met EU member state representatives in Brussels to hear their feedback -- which will, ultimately, help shape and inform the final guidance the UK data watchdog publishes.
  • Email Drops Off The Chart For Loyalty Messaging
    Although the research is US-based, EU email marketers may be alarmed by research in eMarketer which shows a marked contrast over attitudes to email. Despite around a quarter of respondent giving email the thumbs up for receiving loyalty information in 2016, it drops off the entire chart for 2017 as push notifications and chat bot virtual agents gain a little more traction.
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