• Apple Cops To Buggy iOS 9
    Apple has confirmed problems with iOS 9, and says it is working around the clock to resolve the bugs. Meanwhile, “Community investigations have revealed why the bug has arisen,” 9To5Mac reports. “It is based on what apps the user has installed and how those apps handle universal links.”
  • Nintendo Finally Launching First App
    Nintendo is preparing the U.S. launch of its first smartphone application, “Miitomo,” before the end of the week. “Nintendo’s first application is, sadly, not a new Mario game for iOS and Android smartphone owners,” TechCrunch notes. “Instead, the company ported the concept of “’Miis’ -- the animated avatars introduced with the launch of the Wii console years ago -- to a social gaming platform.”
  • Google Working On Live-Streaming App
    Google is reportedly developing a live-streaming app called YouTube Connect. The goal is to “double down on live video while also placing it in a position to compete directly against Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live,” VentureBeat, citing an anonymous source. “YouTube Connect has much of the same functionality that you’d already find with Periscope and Facebook Live.”
  • Sony Forms Mobile Gaming Unit
    Sony is forming a new unit to bring PlayStation titles and IP to iOS and Android devices. “That sounds like great news for gamers, but there’s a caveat here,” TechCrunch notes. “Forward Works, Sony’s mobile gaming arm, is going to focus on users based in Japan and Asia.”
  • Google Photos Adds 'Smart' Albums
    Google Photos will now automatically curate the “best” photos or videos, and create smart albums for users. “Like the current Story feature, smart albums will include maps and location pins,” 9To5Google notes. “However, unlike stories, smart albums have the more traditional grid of photos layout with maps and locations interlaced in between.”
  • Google Making Keyboard For iOS
    Google is reportedly working on a third-party keyboard for iOS, which more prominently positions its search engine. “The keyboard, which incorporates a variety of search options, has been in development for months,” The Verge reports. “The keyboard, which has been in circulation among employees for months, is designed to boost the number of Google searches on iOS.”
  • Google Renames Chromecast App "Google Cast"
    Google is giving its Chromecast app the new name of “Google Cast.” The change reflects the recent expansion of its Google Cast streaming platform, according to 9To5Google. The name “makes a whole lot more sense now that the Cast ecosystem includes many devices other than Google’s own Chromecast lineup,” it writes. 
  • Adobe Posts Strong First Quarter Earnings
    During the first quarter, Adobe reported revenue of $1.38 billion and $0.66 earnings per share. “Analysts expected Adobe to report $1.34 billion in revenue and $0.61 non-GAAP earnings per share, VentureBeat reports. In other words, “The company’s move to subscription-based creative apps is working out well.”
  • Google Boosting Mobile-Friendly Ranking
    Google is increasing the mobile friendly ranking boost associated with pages that are mobile friendly, The SEM Post reports. “As a next step in our ongoing efforts to help users find more mobile-friendly content, beginning in May, we’ll start rolling out an update to our algorithm that increases the effect of the ranking signal.”
  • Google Joins T-Mobile's "Binge On" Mobile Program
    YouTube and Google Play Movies & TV are joining T-Mobile’s “Binge On” program, which lets cell subscribers watch various services without it counting against their data plans. “Google’s participation comes following its recent criticism of the program, which it said was unfairly throttling video services without user consent,” TechCrunch notes.
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