• Foursquare, OpenTable Make Reservations Easier
    Foursquare users can now browse OpenTable’s restaurant reservation availabilities, then reserve a table without leaving its app. “Foursquare says the integration is powered by Button, a mobile startup that allows different apps to connect with one another,” The Next Web reports. Foursquare has been an OpenTable partner since 2012, but never have their services been so intertwined.  
  • Have iOS Ad Blockers Run Their Course?
    Ad blocker app appears to have peaked among iOS users, Marketing Land reports, citing various app-ranking services. “Just short of two weeks since ad blockers skyrocketed to the top of the iPhone paid app chart, only one remains in the top five, while a former number one has slipped to below 20th place,” it writes. IOS 9, which came out on September 16, was the first OS to permit ad blockers.  
  • Microsoft Reworks Its Financial Reporting
    For the second time in two years, Microsoft is rethinking the way it reports financial results. “Starting in fiscal 2016 (which began on July 1, 2015), Microsoft plans to report revenue and income based on three new operating segments: Productivity and Business Processes, Intelligent Cloud, and More Personal Computing,” ZDNet reports.  
  • Oculus Rift Not Merging With Xbox One Anytime Soon
    Despite a burgeoning relationship between Microsoft and Oculus, gamers shouldn’t expect to see the Oculus Rift become a peripheral for the Xbox One anytime soon. “It has been a conversation, but I can say we're not so close,” Nate Mitchell, the vice president of product at Oculus, tells Polygon. That’s despite the fact that the retail Oculus Rift will ship with an Xbox One controller in the box.  
  • GoPro Launches Budget Model
    Ahead of the holiday rush, GoPro just unveiled a new entry-level action camera today, the GoPro Hero+ Wi-Fi, which starts at just $129.99. Due to hit shelves early next month, the new gadget includes the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities of the more expensive model, but not an LCD touchscreen.  
  • Tinder Says It Has Spambots On The Run
    Tinder’s says it took a bite out its spam problem with the help of TeleSign, a mobile security and fraud prevention company. “TeleSign's two-step verification system has reduced the number of Tinder spambots by 90% since they partnered in early 2014,” The Verge reports, citing the companies’ report. “Tinder’s partnership with TeleSign aims to identify and block spammers from the moment they sign up.” 
  • BlackBerry To Launch Android-Based Phone
    BlackBerry officially plans to launch an Android-based handset, Re/code reports. As it writes: “The upcoming Android phone, dubbed Priv, will have a slide-out keyboard and ‘combine the best of BlackBerry security and productivity with the expansive mobile application ecosystem available on the Android platform,’ CEO John Chen said.” Priv is due out at the end of the year. 
  • Google Launches Note-Taking App Keep For iOS
    Google has finally launched its Google Keep note-taking app for iOS. “Google Keep first launched way back in March 2013 for Android and the Web, meaning the iOS version is showing up 30 months later,” VentureBeat remarks. “Google even brought Google Keep to Android Wear, its smartwatch platform, in June 2014.” 
  • Samsung Debuts New VR Headset
    Samsung this week unveiled a brand Gear VR, which replaces what many critics felt was a substandard headset. “Samsung’s Gear VR Innovator’s Edition was half-consumer product, half-dev kit, and it showed,” PC World writes. “Overly expensive, a lack of content, a slightly-cumbersome headset -- all of these were real problems.” 
  • CrunchBase Spinning Off From AOL/Verizon
    CrunchBase is spinning off from AOL/Verizon. “Emergence Capital is leading an investment in the newly-independent company, while AOL/Verizon -- owner of TechCrunch -- will retain a stake in the business,” TechCrunch reports. Originally under TechCrunch’s umbrella of sites, CrunchBase serves as a database of tech companies, large and small, and executives.
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