Bloomberg Kicks Off Third Mayoral Campaign

Mike BloombergWhat could ultimately prove to be a panacea for struggling local TV and radio stations in New York is up and running. Billionaire Mike Bloomberg has launched much-anticipated ads for his reelection campaign.

The two-term mayor has begun running online banner ads linking to his "Bloomberg for Mayor" 2009 site. One of the banners seems to take a page from the 2008 Obama campaign, which used the Internet so effectively for fund-raising and volunteer recruiting. Bloomberg's carries a "Join Us, Get Involved" plea.

Another of the red, white and blue banners has more of a branding orientation, with the tag: "Innovative Leadership. Bold Solutions from NYC."

The debut of the online ads seems to augur that the Bloomberg campaign may provide "solutions" for the TV and radio outlets in New York soon. The stations are struggling, along with the industry at large, and will welcome revenues from the billionaire's ad barrage.



An email to the Bloomberg campaign seeking comment was not immediately returned.

With the online banners, when a user clicks through to, a prominent link to a 30-second video, in which people sing the mayor's praises, dominates the screen. That montage opens with one woman saying: "I work in retail ... and it's important with the state of the economy that we keep Mike Bloomberg in office." Another woman praises him in Spanish.

After the video, the chance to give contact information to the campaign appears on screen, a la the Obama campaign, which collected millions of email addresses and used them to help raise money--something the uber-wealthy Bloomberg does not need.

Leading up to Election Day in November, Bloomberg promises to be a one-man stimulus package for local media in New York. He spent $1 million a week for seven months in his re-election campaign in 2005, the New York Post reported. It also noted that he is expected to hit the TV airwaves this spring long before he began the heavy spending four years ago.

Bloomberg is considered a lock for reelection. He persuaded the City Council to allow him to pursue a third term last year.

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