Tools:Smarter Than Your Average Ad

RAM-Smarter Than Your Average AdRemember the thrill of those Choose Your Own Adventure books, where you'd flip to page 16 if you choose to run from the bloodthirsty wildebeest? Or, if you'd prefer to come to blows with it using only a samurai sword and your wits, you'd turn to page 49? iiON Corporation certainly appreciates the importance of such an interactive user experience. Case in point, the company's recently-introduced SmartAD technology manages the tricky task of delivering content or ads based on a user's real-time choices while simultaneously collecting user data metrics and without redirecting the user from the site.

Say, for example, a Subway ad asks you if you eat meat or veggies. You choose meat. Then, it asks if you prefer ham, turkey or roast beef. You choose, of course, roast beef. Voila! The ad recommends Subway's roast beef sub and provides you the link to Subway's online order page. All the while, you stay on your YouTube video page of that cat sliding into a diet soda box.

Better still, the technology's embeddable in ad units, content and video. "This is much needed for the future of ads as the user gets more sophisticated," says Roy DiBenerdini, CEO of iiON. What he forgot to mention is that SmartADS won't march you off to a painful, embarrassing death by wildebeest should you make the wrong decision.

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