Publishers Clearing House Unveils Ad Network

PCH.comPublishers Clearing House has formally launched an online ad network made up of six Web properties anchored by its flagship site.

The PCH Online Network -- which includes,,, and -- reaches more than 5 million monthly unique visitors and draws 90 million page views, according to the magazine and sweepstakes brand.

Publishers Clearing House has also unveiled a new business-to-business site at that provides details about ad opportunities on the network.

"We're giving our audience multiple ways to engage with us and come back multiple times a day," said Michael Zane, director of online sales and interactive advertising for the PCH Online Network. The New York-based company has been rolling out new online properties over the last year as it extends beyond its traditional direct mail business to exploit the Web's interactive marketing potential.



In addition to offering standard display ad placements across its sites, the PCH Online Network creates customized sweepstakes contests, games and email calls-to-action for advertisers. Marketers can also sponsor existing sweepstakes and games with branded pages.

Zane said CPMs for run-of-network placements typically cost $4 or $5, while sweepstakes sponsorships start at $10 and go higher for custom contests. "Performance is what dictates the higher rates," said Zane, pointing out that click-through rates on opt-in email contest offers typically run higher than 30%.

He also noted that through, for example, the company is signing up 100,000 new customers per month by offering various lotto games with the chance to win up to $1 million. The site also draws 1 million visitors a month and about six million page views.

Among the most recent additions are, launched Tuesday, which allows users to play a variety of trivia games for the chance to win sweepstakes or cash prizes and, where fans can watch as the sweepstakes grand prize winner is surprised by the company's Prize Patrol.

Alex Betancur, vice president and general manager of the PCH Online Network, said PCH is using its offline TV and print efforts to help drive traffic to its online venues. While online still represents less than 10% of the company's business, he suggested that proportion will grow. "We're very bullish in scaling this and that's why we're building out these sites," he said.

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